Sex Tips: Foreplay And The Male Erogenous Zones

Sex Tips: Foreplay And The Male Erogenous ZonesMany women are prone to heading for the hot zones(penis, scrotum, anus) on men when they engage in foreplay.

Perhaps there is a general notion out there that men are simple creatures and that those are the only areas that they find stimulating.

In fact, most men may actually believe this as well.

The truth is that men, just like women, have several erogenous zones on their bodies besides the penis area and anus that are very pleasurable when stimulated and help add depth to their sexual experience.

Erogenous zones on the body are those parts that contain the most nerve endings.

The body has millions of nerve endings.

When stimulated, these nerve endings produce intense and wildly pleasurable sensations.

The reason why the penis, scrotum and the anus are highly effective erogenous zones is because they contain a large number of nerve endings.

However, there are other parts of the male body that are highly sensitive as well.

Attending to these areas during foreplay ensures a wildly pleasurable experience for your partner.

Lower Abdomen

Many women ignore this part of the male body during foreplay, but it is a highly sensitive and stimulating part of the male body.

This area is called the “linea alba” and is located between the navel and the pelvis(just before the groin).

When this part of the male body is kissed, licked and caressed, it causes a sensational rush of blood flow to the pelvic region.

It is intensely pleasurable and gets your partner excited.


The head has a huge number of nerve endings.

Running your hands through his hair or kissing his scalp is highly pleasurable because this part of the male body is capable of releasing several stimulating hormones, such as serotonin and dopamine.

These hormones enhance his sexual experience.

This experience can also be very soothing, which tends to make him feel more relaxed and receptive to you.


The ear contains a lot of nerve endings and is a highly sensitive area.

Your natural breath around his ear alone is highly stimulating.

However, you can also kiss, lick and suck on his outer ear.

Pay particular attention to his earlobe.

You can even nibble on it, but be gentle as this is a soft and delicate part of his body.

However, he will love the sensation.


This is the area between your partner’s scrotum and anus.

Many women don’t know that this part of the male anatomy is actually highly sensitive and filled with nerve endings.

When they are this close, they tend to go for the main course(penis, scrotum and anus).

However, by applying a little pressure with your fingers and tongue to this area, you will drive him wild.

Neck and Collarbone

There are a lot of nerve endings in this area.

By kissing, massaging and even nibbling on this area with your teeth, you can apply a lot of stimulation to your man.

You can even use a light feather or soft-threaded brush to rub the area.

He may even be a little ticklish in this area due to all the nerve endings, but the sensation will make him very happy indeed.


This is another area that tends to be ignored.

The fact is that this is a highly sensitive erogenous zone of the male body.

By sucking on his fingers, you stimulate him both visually and physically.

The act itself provides close to the same visual stimulation as that of fellatio and sends a warm, electric sensation through his body.

Inner Thighs

It is tempting to go straight for the penis when you are at this area of his body.

However, the inner thighs contain numerous nerve endings and shouldn’t be ignored.

By kissing, nibbling, licking or massaging this area, you cause a series of pleasurable sensations.

The stimulation also causes the release of more serotonin throughout his body which aids in enhancing his sexual experience.

By paying attention to these lesser known erogenous zones of his body, you ensure that he has a great sexual experience.

However, perhaps even more importantly, you lengthen the sexual experience itself which leaves more time for your own pleasure.