Internet Dating – Can You Find True Love Online?

Internet Dating – Can You Find True Love Online?

Many people use internet dating sites for various reasons. 

The one that seems to be the most prevalent is that of “love.”

John Lennon and Paul McCartney once sang a famous song with a quote that has withstood the test of time, “All you need is love.”

It is this element of the human emotion that makes human beings essentially what we are.

In many ways, “love” is what truly defines and separates us as a species.

Love And Humanity

It is no wonder that we as a species are always in need of love. It is the fuel that keeps us going and sets the pistons in motion.

Without love, life may not have the same richness that it could.

Without love, a vacuum develops within us that is impossible to ignore. 

Just like John Lennon and Paul McCartney sang about love in their famous song, we realize that we DO need it.

This is not just because it fills that vacuum but because it is also innately a part of what makes us human.

Love In Cyberspace

Quality dating sites often provide personality tests and questionnaires that help them better match singles with based on compatibility.

Members who take advantage of these personality tests and questionnaires often avoid falling into the trap of thinking they have found love with someone in cyberspace too prematurely.

However, this is normally how it plays out with some of the people who don’t bother to take these personality tests or questionnaires:

They meet someone online, start a relationship and think that they had found their soul mate.

But a few weeks or months in, the relationship is over and the love has somehow inexplicably disappeared. As a result, in their minds, they conclude that true love could not be found online.

However, their mistake was in being too presumptuous.

The Wrong Perception

And how did they do this?

Well, you do not join an online dating site with the primary mindset that you are seeking love.

That should never be your primary focus.

You see, these people who were unsuccessful in love came into online dating with the wrong perception.

They were in such need of this love that it blinded them.

Again, remember, we are a human species that are innately in need of love, “All you need is love,” right?

So, when they found someone online and went out on a few dates, they instantly made themselves believe that they had found true love.

However, the relationship ended soon after.

The absolute need for love blinded them.

They gave into this need and fell into the trap of being in love with the “idea” of being in love.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Unlike these people that failed, it is necessary to come into internet dating with no preconceived, gargantuan expectations.

Yes, you know what you ultimately want to get out of it, but the danger is in being blinded by it.

By being blinded by it, you already set yourself up for failure.

That is what happened in these cases.

The reason why love is such a powerful emotion is because it is “genuine.”

There is nothing fake or forced about love.

People will willingly risk their own lives for the sake of it.

Nothing is more genuine than love.

Love’s True Path

This means that true love comes from within.

It is not initially established in the mind as something that must HAPPEN or else.

It develops naturally and without you even knowing.

One day, you realize, “I am in love….wow.”

It doesn’t happen the other way around when your mindset from the beginning is already tainted with the thought, “I need to find love.”

The Test Of Time

Can true love be found online?

Let’s just say that there are people who met each other when this online dating thing was in its infancy 15 years ago and are still together today.

This was a time when there were no in-depth personality profiles to fill out or advanced matching systems.

We all know that “true” love is that which stands the test of time.