Internet Dating Tips For Men – Why It Is Better To Send An Email Instead of An Interest Signal

Internet Dating Tips for Men – Why it is Better to Send An Email Instead of An Interest Signal

Using an internet dating service can be a very exciting adventure.

It’s a different, yet efficient way to meet quality people for romance.

The way you choose to communicate is very important in improving your chances for success.

There is a reason why guys who send emails to women instead of interest signals or winks tend to get a lot more responses.

Here’s why.

It’s Personal

Women on dating sites like an can receive hundreds of emails a day.

With that many emails, they will tend to focus on their email messages instead of their interest signals.

This is typical for most internet dating sites.

The fact is that when you send an email instead of an interest signal to her on the internet dating site, you really make things personal.

You have impressed her already by sending an email because it shows that you put out the effort to write one.

In other words, you actually thought things out and constructed an email.

The reason why writing an email to her on the internet dating service is so much more personal than merely sending an interest signal is because you are specifically targeting ‘her.’

An interest signal can instantly be sent to hundreds of members on the dating service at the same time by simply clicking a button.

An email on the other hand takes a little bit more time, effort and thought.

It’s not something you can just create and send instantly to hundreds of members because every member is different. 

Therefore, by writing her an email, you have instantly shown a personal touch that has already impressed her.

Shows Confidence

It is no secret that she loves confident men in general.

This is no different because she is using an internet dating service.

When you send her an email instead of an interest signal, you are showing her that you have enough confidence in yourself to take this step.

Women typically feel that sending interest signals is the easy route.

It doesn’t show much character if all you have to do is click on a button and send an interest signal.

Writing an email on the other hand shows a degree of courage and self-assertiveness.

These are qualities that she loves in men.


Sending her an email instead of an interest signal is a fantastic opportunity for you to pick out something in her online dating profile to write about.

When you are specifically asking her a question about her passion for something like traveling for instance, you will already be in a better position to receive a response.

As mentioned earlier, interest signals are impersonal to her and hence will have minute effect.

But in this case, writing about something specific to her internet dating profile is as personal as it gets at this initial stage of communication and will put you in a fantastic place to receive a response. 

On The Better Side Of The Competition

The truth is that she is receiving several messages from other men on the dating site.

Some have sent her interest signals and others have sent her emails.

Which one do you think she is paying attention to first?

You’ve guessed it, the emails.

She is going to put those interest signals in her to-do list, but right now, she is focused on reading through the emails.

That automatically puts you in the back of the line, behind all the other men who sent her actual emails.

And, there are no guarantees that when she is done with reading through the emails she will have the patience to go through the interest signals.

Therefore, she probably didn’t even see your interest signal.

Hence, as a rule of thumb, make it a habit to send an email instead of an interest signal if you want to increase your chances of getting a response from her.

It’s not that sending an interest signal is bad in and of itself. Indeed, some women will respond to them.

However, you have the best chance of receiving a response with writing an email instead of sending an interest signal.

And that’s what you want, isn’t it?

To put yourself in the best position to find that special someone.