Internet Dating Advice – Is He Truly Single?

Internet Dating Advice- Is He Truly Single?

Internet dating has come a long way in the last ten years.

Nobody can deny the effect it has had in creating romances, friendships, encounters or even marriage.

However, every so often, a few women experience a nagging problem from the men they meet on dating websites. 

They meet a man that they really like, start dating, are even thinking about becoming exclusive, if they aren’t already and then the rug pulls out from under them. 

Weeks or a few months later, they discover that he is either married or already in a relationship.

This can be difficult to deal with, especially after all the time they’d spent getting to know this person.

However, there a few things you can do to help ensure that you don’t become one of the few that experience this or that you don’t experience this again.

Check Relationship Status

This may seem like the most obvious thing to do but sometimes it can be ignored or not taken seriously.

Seeing that his relationship status on the internet dating site is “separated” should throw up a few red flags to you.

Don’t assume that by “separated” he is simply in the process of a divorce and that he is readily single.

Sometimes, there may be several unresolved issues.

He may still be in love with his ex to-be or the other way around.

Before you begin dating and get increasing involved with him, it’s best to know exactly what the “separated” entails and if he is in the right frame of mind to pursue a relationship.

Study The Ring Finger

It’s important to take measures wherever you can in order to ensure that you do not end up at the short end of the stick in this relationship.

When you start dating this man that you met from an online dating service, always look at the ring finger.

Even if he doesn’t have a ring on, you will still be able to see an indentation. 

Noticing an indentation could mean a couple of things.

He is married or engaged and only took the ring off in order to meet you and hence not attract suspicion or he may have just gotten through a divorce or false engagement. 

The latter is obviously what you hope for but this is an opportunity to ask him.

Have You Been To His “Real” Home

You met him off an internet dating dating site and things have moved relatively fast.

Assuming that the relationship is progressing and has now gone beyond the initial getting-to-know-you stage, then what about his home.

Do the two of you typically meet at your place or his?

Have you even seen his home?

Okay, maybe you have. Maybe you have been to his apartment or condo.

That does not necessarily mean that he is single.

Sometimes a man can have an actual home but rent an apartment as a second, in order to give the impression that he is single and lives alone.

There are a few things you can look to.

Does the apartment have groceries in the fridge, kitchen utensils or appliances, toiletries or that lived-in smell(a place that isn’t lived-in usually has a dank or wall paint-like smell).

These are telltale signs of whether he truly lives in this apartment or is giving you the run around.

His Friends

The both of you may have met through an online dating service but he still has a real life outside of that which involves real life relationships.

Have you met his friends?

Particularly his female friends.

Guys can play off each other and act the part so that their buddy can get some.

However, if he has female friends, it will be a little easier for you to tell if he is truly single or not.

Female friends will typically size you up as if they are comparing you to someone else.

If you notice this, then you have an opportunity.

You can get her to confide in you and by so doing, discover if he is truly single or not.

His Availability

He was readily available to communicate with you on the internet dating site wasn’t he?

What about outside of it?

Does he commit to dates and suddenly cancel them at the last minute?

He may have told you that work got the best of him or that there was some kind of unexpected emergency.

Doing this often should be a warning to you.

Typically, this is an indication that there are other priorities in his life.

These priorities may mean another relationship that he is actively engaged in.

The flip side is also true.

If you are unable to get him to commit to future dates and always get a let’s-wait-and-see response, then this is a red flag as well.

He just may be involved in another relationship and cannot commit to anything in such short notice.

These are a few ways that can help you figure out if he is truly single or not.

It is crucial to do this in the beginning because you do not want to ultimately fall in love with him and find out later that he was never truly available.