Internet Dating For Men – What You Should Not Wear On Your First Date

Internet Dating For Men - What You Should Not Wear On Your First Date

Now that you are about to meet her for the first time, you are excited.

This may be the first time that you have ever met someone off an internet dating site or the first time that you are about to meet this person in particular.

It is really important to remember that even though you met this person online, the same rules apply when you meet her offline.

One of those rules involves your appearance. To leave the best first impression on her, you need to be aware of what not to wear.

Rumpled Clothing

You want to ensure that your clothes aren’t rumpled.

Sometimes it can be easy to overlook this.

In certain types of lighting or at certain angles, a shirt or a pair of pants may not look rumpled at all.

And so, you head out to your date, thinking that all is well.

To be on the safe side, always ensure that you look at yourself through a mirror in daytime lighting.

If you are not meeting your date during the day and you are having to use the lighting in your room, then stretch your arms out to your sides.

This helps in showing you if your shirt is rumpled or not, while using artificial lighting.

Multicolored Shirts

No matter how attractive you may think your multicolored shirt is, they are not suitable for your first date with this lady that you met on an internet dating site.

These are way too distracting.

The first thing she is going to think when she sees you is, “Oh…that’s real…bright.”

And throughout the date, she will be unable to get that thought out of her mind.

You want her to be engaged on your date, not wondering which other colors may be absent on your shirt.

No Tank Tops or No-Sleeve Shirts

You may think that wearing a no-sleeve shirt or tank top is a good idea because you are hip or simply well-built.

Well, perhaps you may be able to get away with wearing this when a level of trust and familiarity has been established with your date, but that would be further into the future.

It’s simply exposure that at this point, you don’t want.

Do not forget that every time you move your hands, you could be giving her a flash or open view of your armpits.

Not very attractive.

Stay away from these for the meantime.


These aren’t necessary bad depending on what part of the country you live, what activity you are going to engage in, what time of day you are meeting or what the weather is like.

However, if you choose to wear these when meeting your online date, you have to ensure that your feet are well oiled and your toenails are clipped.

Yes, women look at these.

You would be surprised at the number of first dates that start off on a bad footing because someone forgot to clip their toenails.


There are some people that will go out on the first date wearing sunglasses.

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside or if the majority of your date is going to be in the outdoors.

Do not wear sunglasses during your date.

Women you meet from internet dating sites are no different from women you meet through offline channels. 

They like to look into the eyes of the person they are dating. This is very important to them because it gives them some insight into the type of person you are.

If you wear sunglasses, they will not be able to do this and it will also give them the impression that you are hiding something about yourself.

Watch for these.

Always start off your dating experience on a good footing.