Online Date: 6 Of The Best Places To Meet For The First Time

Online Date: 6 Of The Best Places To Meet For The First Time

You have had a few e-mail exchanges with another member on an online dating site.

You like each other and seem to have similar interests.

You are thinking it’s time to meet and now you have a dilemma.

You probably have an idea of some of the activities they like to do but you don’t think that they would be very happy traveling with you to Greece on your first online date.

Yeah, you both love spontaneity and traveling but let’s not push it.

Here are some of the best places to meet.

Coffee Shop

This is a great place to meet your online date for the first time.

Coffee shops have a certain decor and tranquility about them.

You can both find a table at a nice corner and chat.

You don’t have to like coffee to meet someone at a coffee shop.

This environment is really more about the ambiance and the opportunity it provides to allow the both of you to talk to one another.

It’s cost efficient for the both of you and it also gives you the advantage of keeping the meeting short(if things aren’t going so well) or protracting the meeting to your heart’s content.

Just be aware that most coffee shops do close at some point.

Outdoor Art and Collectibles Fair

Going to an outdoor art fair for an online date is a fantastic idea.

Now, you want to make sure that the both of you have some appreciation for art or collectibles before you meet here.

The reason why this is a great place is because it will give the both of you the opportunity to banter while appreciating beauty around you.

Also, it practically costs nothing, most outdoor art and collectibles fairs are free. 

During the date, you can give each other your opinions on certain art pieces and collectibles ranging from the good to the bad, allowing the both of you the opportunity to get to know each other a little better.

This arena also allows for a quick exit if things aren’t going so well.

But, if things go well, you never know, someone just may end up with a nifty collectible at the end of the day.

Comedy Show

Who doesn’t love to laugh.

A comedy show is a great place for a first meeting with your online date.

If you can find a small club where people perform comedic skits on stage, you will be glad you did.

This is a place where you can talk, while enjoying some light refreshment and have the added benefit of live comedic skits being performed in front of you.

Even if things don’t go so well between the two of you on the date, you still have the benefit of another form of entertainment and there is also always the exit door in bold red letters nearby.

Also, being able to laugh always creates an easier atmosphere so that the two of you can alleviate any anxious nerves you might have.

Public Park

This is an ideal place to meet your online date for a number of reasons.

The both of you can walk on a trail and converse.

Your date here can last for as long or short as you want it.

If things are going well, you can just keep walking, enjoying the breeze and lushness as you converse or you can even find a bench, get comfortable, and converse some more.

It’s peaceful, costs nothing and also provides that quick exit if things don’t go so well.

Dance Lessons

It doesn’t matter if you can dance like Fred Astaire or you have two left feet, this is a fantastic place to meet your online date.

You can pick a venue that adheres to both of your tastes.

Maybe you both enjoy or would like to learn ballroom dancing, salsa, swing, country/western dancing, belly dancing or even break dancing.

This is a great opportunity to learn while having a great time.

Again, this requires a little letting down of your guard and loosening up a bit.

Remember that this is a lighthearted environment and you will have fun.

Wine Tasting

Instead of meeting at some of the traditional places that people meet like a bar, why not meet your online date at a wine tasting club.

This is a great way to learn about fine wine, sample it and also have the opportunity to converse at the same time.

It ensures that neither of you end up toppled over a bar stool inebriated at the end of the meeting.

Wine tasting is a lot more subtle than that.

However, it is still wine tasting though so be sure to try out the miniature samples put in front of you and not hawk an entire bottle of wine down your gullet.

That would definitely lead to a quick exit by your date.

These places will ensure that the two of you not only have the opportunity to have a good time at affordable cost if any, but also have an exit opportunity if things go sour.

But let’s hope for the best.

Romantic bliss is SO much better than searching for the exit door.