Online Dating Advice – How To Get Her To Open Your Email Message

Online Dating Advice – How To Get Her To Open Your Email MessageWhen you join a dating site, you have now entered a world that has other like-minded people that are also in search of what you may be in search of. 

It’s easy to feel like a kid in a candy store when there are so many options.

In reality, you are still competing with other men just as you do in real life. 

When you send a message to a female member that you like, you have to understand that she has probably already received tons of messages from other men on the dating site.

With the volume of email messages she receives from men, she may ignore your message all together.

In order to get her to open and read your email message, you have to grab her attention.

Here is what to do with your email message header.

Make A Reference To Something Specific In Her Dating Profile

A good online dating site automatically sends you matches based on your match preferences.

Hence, with the dating site’s help, you could actually find a match who has something in their dating profile that would specifically interest you.

This would make it easier for you to include something specific to her dating profile in your email header.

It has to be something really specific, not general.

She has to feel like you actually read her dating profile and consciously thought about how to respond to it.

Pick something out.

She may have mentioned something about a favorite book that she loves and mentions the book by name.

Use that book title in your email header.

It is important to be as specific as possible.

This will immediately grab her attention when she is looking through her numerous email messages.

Ask A Relevant Question

When constructing your email message header on the dating site, it’s not only important to reference her profile specifically but also try following that up with a question.

To use the book example that was used earlier, perhaps you could ask her if she has read another book by the same author that was just recently released.

Refer to the new book by name.

Another example would be if you use her love for dogs.

Perhaps in her profile she states that she has a German Shepherd and a Boston Terrier. 

In your header, you could either ask her what their names are or how they get along with each other.

These types of questions are so effective because you are being specific about something she loves and asking her a relevant question about it.

She will take immediate notice of your header.

Capitalize An Entire Word Or Two

Doing this can be very effective in getting her to notice your email message to her on the online dating site.

Do not overdo it though.

You can CAPITALIZE an important word.

It could be a word specific to her profile that you picked out or a word that is related to it. 

For example, you capitalize the word “MAUI” in your header because you noticed in her profile that she has been there and she loved it. Hence, your header is a sentence in relation to “MAUI.”

When she is checking her messages, the word “MAUI” will pop out at her. 

This is because it is capitalized and relates to something that she has done in the past which she enjoyed.

She is very likely to go ahead and read your message.

Spell Check

It is so important to spell check.

Often, men will send messages without bothering to check their sentences for grammatical errors.

No matter how catching your email header may be, if it is full of grammatical errors, even just one or two, it can be an immediate turn off.

This is literally the easiest part of getting her to open your email message.

Check your header for any grammatical errors!

The old adage, “Dot your I’s and cross your T’s” is so crucial to remember here.

Simply take the time to re-read your header.

It will only take you a few seconds to notice any grammatical or spelling errors.

Doing this could be all the difference between getting her to open your message or not.

Online dating is a great way to meet someone special and bring even more excitement into your life.

However, you are still competing with other men.

Get ahead of the pack and give yourself the best chance in getting her to open your email message.