Online Dating Advice – How To Ask Her Out On A Date

Online Dating Advice – How To Ask Her Out On A DateIf you have been talking to or communicating with someone you met on an online dating site, you may have reached a point of wondering whether you should ask her out on a date and how. 

If it is your first time at this or you are simply not particularly experienced in the whole online dating thing, this may be quite a dilemma for you.

Here is some online dating advice that can help.

You’re At An Advantage

Having met her through the online dating site, you are already at an advantage.

Unlike women that you meet offline who may or may not be available, you know that she is available because she is on the dating website.

Also, draw encouragement from the fact that you have been communicating with her for a while and hence to that extent, you know that she does have some level of interest in you.

Timing Is Everything

It is important to ask her out in a timely manner.

Many men that use online dating sites make the mistake of either waiting too long or doing it too soon.

For many women, there is a certain level of familiarity that they need before they will feel comfortable meeting a stranger off the internet.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should spend too much time building that familiarity with her.

You may lose her interest all together if you do this.

The timing is right when the both of you have learned enough about each other that you both feel comfortable laughing with and at each other.

Just Do It

Just like the Nike Commercial, JUST DO IT!

You should apply this mindset to your online dating experience.

Here is something that should give you a little bit of a push.

Think about all the effort you have put into communicating with this woman. Then think about all that effort going to waste because you took too long to ask her out.

As human beings, we are a lot more likely to act when we truly see just how much we stand to lose.

Keep It Simple

You shouldn’t be pulling your hair out trying to figure out where you should ask her out to. 

Your initial goal should be to meet at a relatively comfortable place like a coffee shop or even a public park.

By understanding that you don’t have to go all out on the first meeting, you will feel a lot better about asking her out and it will make the process easier.

Be Confident

Women that you meet through an online dating site are no different from those you meet offline.

They like confident men.

It can be a turn off if you seem hesitant or unsure of yourself when you ask her out.

Confidence in this case simply means that you communicate in a strong tone of voice whether you are communicating via the phone or through emails.

Being confident will also make her feel that you have a genuine interest in her and not just asking her out because you feel that you have to.

Avoid Over-Analyzing

There is a “reason” why she is on an online dating site.

It is not just to pass the time. The truth is that at some point you are going to have to ask her out.

She wants you to ask her out.

Do not over-analyze everything.

So many men do this.

They wonder if by asking her out, they run the risk of losing her all together because she may not be ready. 

They also wonder if it’s appropriate to ask her out through the dating website or whether they should do it over the phone.

They wonder how they should go about it and what words they should choose.

Over-analyzing will only cause you more anxiety and you will either ruin the whole process of asking her out or you will not ask her out until it’s too late.

Asking her out is not as difficult as you might think.

Remember that by having met her on an online dating site, you have already increased your chances of getting a “yes” by a large margin.

This is because she is on the dating site looking for the same thing you are.