Online Dating Advice – 4 Reasons Why You Did Not Hear Back from Her After the First Date

Online Dating Advice – 4 Reasons Why You Did Not Hear Back from Her After the First DateIt is not uncommon nor unusual to encounter this particular problem after having met someone off an online dating site.

Assuming that you practiced proper dating etiquette on this first date by taking a shower, dressing well, showing up on time and being a gentleman, you may be clueless as to why you haven’t heard back from her.

After all, as far as you could tell, you didn’t do anything overtly bad on the first date that would have given her obvious reason not to communicate with you again.

Okay, so you did everything seemingly right and the both of you left the date on a good note, yet she isn’t responding to your subsequent calls or emails.

Let’s examine 4 reasons why this is the case.

Bad Chemistry

Women are very much in tune with their emotional sense.

This is no different with women that you meet off an internet dating website. 

This emotion is actually what sets off a lot of romances or consequently kills them before they have even started.

For you, it may not be that complicated.

You felt a degree of chemistry with her on the internet dating site and now that you have met in the flesh, the chemistry hasn’t changed.

However, she is  more of an emotional being.

She wanted to feel the same emotion that she had been experiencing while communicating with you on the dating site.

For some reason, now that she has met you in the flesh, that feeling is not there.

It just isn’t.

She can’t even explain it to herself.

All she knows is that the emotional aspect that was so prevalent online is now gone.

To her, that spells out a lack of chemistry, no matter how physically attractive she may find you to be.

You Said Something Inappropriate

This is why it is so important to be prepared before you go out on a date.

On your date, a woman is typically attentive to every word and sentence you say. Therefore, picking your words out carefully is very important.

You may not have realized that you said something that was inappropriate to her.

Maybe you used a bad swear word that she didn’t feel was appropriate to say on a first date.

Maybe you said something that was insensitive to animals and she is a strong believer in the humane treatment of animals.

You may not have thought anything of it at the time and the both of you may have just continued conversing without drawing attention to it.

However, mentally, she took note of what you said and that was the deal breaker.

You Are Not Her Ideal

Yes, you may have met her requirements physically, financially and even educationally but you may still not be her ideal man.

Meeting her from an internet dating site does not change the fact that she may be a woman who is very specific about what she likes.

You may be scratching your head wondering how you could possibly not be her match when you met all her criteria.

Well, this is simply one of those things that can be hard to explain.

Some women already have a picture of what they want in a man in their minds.

In some cases, it can be a bit too much, a bit TOO specific.

Though you met her criteria on paper, it could be something very unassuming that threw her off.

Her ideal may have a particular smell or even a way that they carry themselves and you didn’t meet that requirement.

She Dates Many And Often

You may be experiencing the unfortunate case of having gone out with a woman that loves to date many and date often.

There are some members on dating sites who just love to date.

This is a very small percentage but they do exist.

For them, the thrill is in the date and then it’s time to move on to the next one.

Thankfully, some of them specify that “casual dating” is all they are looking for in their dating profiles.

However, not all of them do this.

This is why it is all the more important to ensure that you check for what kind of relationship she is looking for in her profile before you start communicating with her.

If you are seeking the same, then there is no problem.

For the few who misrepresent themselves by stating that they are looking for something serious but are actually serial daters, there isn’t much you can do.

Hopefully, these reasons will help cast some light on your dilemma.

Remember however that just as in dating someone you met through normal social circles, online dating can be a numbers game. 

It may take a few dates with different members before you meet that member that is fully compatible with you.

Therefore, get back on the dating site and find the next date. She just may be the ONE.