Online Dating – Do The Same Rules Of Courtship Apply In Online Dating?

Online Dating – Do The Same Rules Of Courtship Apply In Online Dating?

Online dating is part of the new technological age.

It’s hard to imagine a time without it. However, you have been brought up a certain way and to believe in certain principles.

Growing up as a girl you were taught to be proper and act like a lady.

Growing up as a guy, you were taught to be bold and take chances.

Quite frankly, the times have changed.

In the world we live in today, you will be almost as likely to see a home being run with the woman as the main breadwinner as you would a home being run with the man as the main breadwinner.

Gender Roles

In today’s world the role of males and females are intertwined.

There are no defining roles anymore.

Since being granted equal rights women have truly transcended in every industry from science to the corporate world.

Roles are truly no longer defined in most areas but for a few and courtship is one of them.

In courtship, the norm is that the man take the lead in pursuing the woman.

This has been the unwritten rule for as long as any one can remember.

Reality Check

Now that we have entered the 21st century and have awe-inspiring technological mediums such as online dating at our fingertips, have the rules of courtship changed?

No, they haven’t.

Yes there are some female members of dating sites who will take the initiative and send a man a message or a wink, but you as the man are still expected to make the first move.

Proactive Approach

If you want to be successful in online dating, you have to be proactive.

Remember that since the same rules apply online as they do offline in courtship, your messages still have to be civil.

You are not going to walk up to a lady in a grocery store and tell her that she is the girl of your dreams and would she like to hang out in your apartment that night, are you?

Then why would that be appropriate to say just because you are using the medium of cyberspace.

Individual Attention

Just as women like to feel special as an offline dating conquest, they require the same treatment online as well.

If you are sending messages to every woman you set your eyes on, that would be sending the wrong message(no pun intended).

It won’t take long before the female members catch on.

No woman wants to feel like she is just a pick in the litter.

Yes, there is nothing wrong with sending messages to other ladies but you have to be discreet and selective about it.

No Copy And Pasting Messages

How many times in the offline world have you tried to talk to a lady at a bar, grocery store, laundromat or within your social circle and used rehashed lines that you’ve tried on many other women.

Well, women aren’t stupid.

They can tell very easily.

The same rules apply in online dating as well.

When you simply copy and paste messages and send them to multiple women, they will know, just as if you were offline giving them a petty one liner.

Women want to feel special, so be creative and original in your messages, DO NOT COPY AND PASTE!


Above all, one of the qualities that women appreciate the most is honesty.

This quality should not be ignored or taken lightly.

Be honest about who you are and what you are looking for and you will succeed in online dating.