Online Dating – 5 Activities To Avoid On Your First Date

Online Dating – 5 Activities To Avoid On Your First DateYou decided to try online dating and have been interacting with a member that you are really interested in.

The two of you are now ready to take matters to the next level and meet.

Great, this is progress.

You had no idea that this online dating thing could really work.

After a hodgepodge of accounts both good and bad about online dating, you weren’t quite sure.

But now you are feeling like this online dating thing may be your ticket to finding that special someone.

However, in order to avoid stumbling miserably on this first date, here are 5 activities to avoid.


The both of you love music and even love the same bands.

Clearly, this is a good thing. However, going to a concert on your first date may not be the best idea.

It may seem ideal.

There is a band that the both of you really love and it just so happens that they are in town this week.

What a great opportunity to go see them and share in the experience.

However, after screaming over each others heads at this concert, you will both be out of voice and probably in need of hearing aids.

The two of you never had a chance to talk and really get a feel for each other.


Nightclubs can be a lot of fun but not on your first date.

Even though the two of you may share the same love for music and even dancing, remember that nightclubs tend to be filled with people who are either inebriated or close.

Being continuously jabbed by someone trying to do a drunken moonwalk on the dance floor or a John Travolta pelvic thrust can be very off putting.

Not to mention the high volume of noise in these venues.

The two of you will hardly have an opportunity to breathe, let alone talk.

House Party

Maybe a friend of yours is celebrating their birthday and has invited you over to their place to celebrate and be among mutual friends.

The event could not have been more auspicious because you just met this great person while online dating and this would be the perfect opportunity not only to meet but to get an appraisal from friends.

Your online date obliges.

Throughout the party, the two of you are barely able to communicate, some overzealous friends are asking for your date’s blood type, the music is too loud and in the end, your birthday friend is unhappy that your date didn’t join along in the happy birthday song.

A number of things can go wrong with choosing this activity and it’s simply too much, too soon.

Sports Event

Another easy mistake when meeting someone for the first time in online dating.

Through your interaction online you both realize that you love the same sports team.

Guess what?

Your team is playing this weekend and it would be the perfect opportunity to go see them and cheer them along.

Well, you meet at the sports venue and there are another 100,000 excited fans.

You have to wait in a long line to get entry, then you have to seat through a barrage of wails from screaming fans who are constantly standing up and blocking your view.

Now, what if your team loses.

The final result here is that the two of you never really had an opportunity to converse because of the noise and incessant activity. 

Also, one if not the both of you are unhappy because their team lost. 

The Movie Theater

The two of you love the same type of movies and decide to see the latest romantic Hollywood romp.

Problem with this again is that the two of you will be unable to talk unless you want to be whispering in each others ears the entire movie.

Also, if the movie wasn’t that good, it would make for a bland end to the night.

These activities can be great fun but remember that the importance of your first date is to familiarize yourselves with each other on a face to face level.

This is the only way to see if there is any real-life chemistry between the two of you. 

Engaging in these activities on your first date would greatly hamper that.