Dating Humor: A Cup Of Tea

Dating Humor: A Cup Of TeaPerry had a slight case of the flu today but he didn’t want to cancel his coffee shop date with Rana.

This would be their second date and he had really enjoyed the first one.

He decided to brave it out and meet her at the local coffee shop.

She noticed that he appeared a little pale. “Is everything okay? You look ill.”

Perry brushed it off. “It’s nothing. Nothing a hot cup of tea won’t take care of.”

“Alright. Well, I’ll go get us a couple cups,” Rana says.

“Sounds good.” Paul sat at the table.

Moments later, Rana hears a scream.

“Somebody call an AMBULANCE!” She turns around and sees Paul sprawled on the floor. She rushes to him.

“Oh my God. Paul, are you okay?”

Paul, lying on the floor face up, says, “Oh it’s nothing. Nothing a good cup of tea won’t fix.” His face starts twitching.

“Paul, I think you need a lot more than a good cup of tea. You need the hospital,” Rana says.

“No, seriously, just get me some tea and I’ll be just fine,” Paul says as he notices a floating object just to the left of Rana’s face. “Oh, look at that, you have an angel above your left shoulder.”

“What?” Rana asks looking to her left.

“An angel,” Paul slurs.

“There is no angel above my left shoulder Paul.”

The angel suddenly vanished. “Oh, well, it was there just a moment ago. Um, what about that cup of tea.”

“Paul, you need a hospital.”

“Did you hear that?” Paul asks.

“No. What?”

“Some kind of chime sound?” Paul says.

“Paul, there is no chime sound. That is your head. I am calling an ambulance.”

Paul finds the energy to grab her hand. “You call that ambulance and you ruin our second date. Is that what you want?”

“Paul, in case you didn’t notice, our second date is already ruined!”