Dating Humor: A Hard Decision

Dating Humor: A Hard Decision

A single woman, Felicia is picking out a T-Shirt for her male cousin at a department store. 

A single man nearby notices the attractive woman.

When he gets closer, he overhears her on the phone talking to someone and complaining about how hard it is to pick out clothing for men.

She also states that when it comes to picking out clothing for her picky male cousin, the task is even harder.

“Can I be of assistance?” he asks. “I couldn’t help but hear about your dilemma.”

The woman responds, “Thanks, but I really don’t think…..Hold on a second, you are about his height and build. Do you mind trying this shirt on so that I can see how it looks on you.”

The man decides to help her out and after 3 exhausting hours of trying on different shirts, Felicia comes to a decision. “I don’t like any of them. Maybe I should buy him something else.”

Slowly, her attention is drawn to the underwear section.

The single man responds, “Lady, I have my limits.”