Online Dating Humor: Bike Ride

Online Dating Humor: Bike Ride

Pam loves dating guys who ride motorbikes. 

Jack is a guy that she meets on an internet dating website and he is taking her on a bike ride today. 

For his part, Jack wasn’t too familiar with motorbikes.

This was only his second outing and quite frankly he had been regretting his purchase ever since he bought one a few months ago.

Also, to make matters worse, he wasn’t very good with directions.

Hence, just to be on the safe side, he decides to head out a good 3 hours beforehand.

It made sense.

Pam lived clear across town.

After getting lost multiple times, Jack uses up the entire 3 hours before he finally finds Pam’s apartment home with only a few minutes to spare.

Pam comes out, inspects the bike and taps him on the shoulder in approval. “Nice bike. You have already scored a lot of points in my book.”

Jack smiles.

They ride for 15 miles before the bike’s engine sputters and Jack is forced to pull over on the side of the road.

Pam asks, “What’s wrong with it?”

After examining it for a while, Jack responds, “I am not sure.”

Just then, another guy on a bike pulls up. “You guys alright?”

“Yeah, something’s wrong with the bike,” Pam says.

The stranger examines the bike and says, “It’s completely out of gas.”

Bewildered, Jack responds, “That’s odd, my sedan can go a lot further running on ’empty.’ Isn’t a bike supposed to be better?”