Online Dating Humor: Cook For Me

Online Dating Humor: Cook For Me

After having met the love of her life through an online dating service, Martha decides that she wants to treat him to a lavish home-cooked meal.

She buys a Book Of Recipes for guidance as she is not that great of a cook.

When he arrives home that night, she leads him into the dining room where she has laid out the meal.

“How is it?” she asks as they eat at the table.

“It’s fantastic honey, I can’t believe you did all this for me.”

“It was my pleasure. Here, try this.” She hands him a side dish. “I made that with fresh olives.”

He eats it.

“How is it?” she asks.

“It’s really amazing honey. You are such a talented cook.”

“Here, try this,” she says, proud of herself as she hands him another side dish. “I made that with fresh mushrooms.”

He eats it.

“How is it?” she asks.

“Wow…wow…um…this is sooo good Honey,” he says.

She was about to give him another side dish when he says, “Honey, could you give me a moment?”

He leaves the dining room and returns a little later touching his stomach.

Slowly and with some obvious effort, he retakes his seat.

“Honey, is everything alright?” she asks.

“Oh, it’s nothing honey. Nothing at all,” he says.

“You know what I was thinking? I am going to start cooking for us every night,” she says.

“That’s nice,” he responds as he plays around with the food on his plate with his fork. “Honey, we should think about getting a dog.”

“A dog? But you don’t like them. You said that they cost too much to maintain and feed.”

“I have had a change of heart.”