Dating Humor: Wrong Floor

Dating Humor: Wrong FloorIt’s 6 pm and a single man steps out of an elevator on the wrong floor.

He was on his way down to the lobby in a high rise office building.

As he waits for another elevator, a woman comes along and stands beside him as she waits for the elevator.

“Getting off work too huh?” he asks, curious.

“Yes,” she responds.

“So strange that we work in the same building and have never bumped into each other,” he says.

“It is a big building,” she responds.

“That’s true. I work 10 floors up.”

There is a little moment of silence as they continue to wait for the elevator, then he asks, “How’d you like to grab a drink with me tonight?”

“Thanks, but I am really tired tonight. Maybe next time when chance enables a meeting like this one.”

The next day, the woman arrives at the elevators and notices the man standing there waiting on an elevator.

“Got off the wrong floor again?” she asks.

He responds, “Yes, yet again. I guess chance really wants you to have that drink with me.”