Dating Humor: How To Bake A Cake

Dating Humor: How To Bake A CakeSarah promises her boyfriend that she will bake him a cake for his birthday.

She truly wants it to be a special day for him.

However, she is not very good at this sort of thing and the cake turns out bad.

She has a lot to cook and doesn’t have the time to try again.

She finds a phone book, picks out an anonymous bakery and calls.

“I want to order a cake for delivery ASAP.”

“No problem,” says the store clerk. “What type of shake would you like?”

“I don’t want a shake, I want to order a cake.”

“Oh, forgive me,” the store clerk replies. “What type of cake would you like and what do you want written on it?”

“I just want a traditional birthday cake that says Happy Birthday Jack.”

Two hours later, the cake is delivered in a box just as guests are arriving.

Sarah quickly pays the delivery man, puts the cake on the kitchen table and hurries out to attend to the guests.

When birthday boy arrives, Sarah hurries into the kitchen.

As she is taking out plates for the cake, her boyfriend walks in.

He kisses her affectionately.

“Thanks for the birthday party. You’re a darling.”

“You’re welcome,” Sarah responds.

“Is this the cake?”

“Yeah, I tried to bake one but trust me we are much better off with the professionals handling it.”

He walks over to the table and opens the box.

A few moments pass and Sarah realizes that her boyfriend has not said a word.

She stops what she is doing and walks over to him.

Inscribed in yellow icing on the birthday cake are the words, “Happy Birthday Jerk.”