Online Dating Humor: Jump

Online Dating Humor: Jump

Online dating seems to be working out perfectly for Rodney and Pam.

They appear to have a number of things in common as shown on their online dating profiles.

One of those commonalities happens to be bungee jumping.

Hence, they set up a first date to go bungee jumping.

They meet each other at the jump location and are in good spirits.

With a safety instructor tying the ropes, Pam proceeds to do her first jump off the bridge which stands at several 100 feet.

The plan is that they will both jump individually at first, then jump together.

Pam has a great jump and when she comes back up, she is energized. “That was AWESOME!,” she wails as she gives Rodney the high five.

“You were superb,” says Rodney as he starts preparing for his jump. “I got a rush just watching you.”

“Nothing beats the real thing,” Pam responds, her face aglow in pure exhilaration. She lightly fist bumps Rodney’s chest, “Go get ’em Tiger.”

Rodney is ready for his jump and Pam stands away from him to give him room.

1..2..3…4…5…….45 seconds later, Pam is staring at Rodney’s back, he hasn’t moved an inch.

46…47…48….59 seconds later, Rodney still stands there like a wooden statue.

The instructor looks back at an equally baffled Pam.

“Rodney, you gonna jump today or what?” jokes Pam.

Rodney doesn’t respond.


Still no response.


Pam walks up to Rodney.

She finds a face full of tears and a running nose.

“Oh my God….Rodney?” Pam exclaims.

Rodney responds, “Don’t worry, just give me a few more seconds.”