Online Dating Humor: Next On The Bench

Online Dating Humor: Next On The Bench

After a  period of emailing back and forth through an online dating site, Marcus and Deborah arrange to meet.

They decide to meet at a public park.

Deborah arrives there first. While she waits, she notices another couple sitting at another bench not too far away.

They are laughing happily and seem to be really enjoying each other’s company. 

Deborah wonders if they are on their first date.

After a few minutes, she receives a call from Marcus. “Sorry I’m late. I will be there in a few more minutes.”

“Okay,” Deborah responds.

She waits another 5 minutes before her phone rings again.

“Hey, I am almost there. Should be no more than a couple minutes.”

“Okay,” she says.

While waiting, she notices that the couple are standing up to leave.

They kiss passionately for a long time before eventually parting ways.

The woman heads in the opposite direction and the man heads towards her direction.

She realizes that the man is not only walking toward her direction but toward her bench as well.

“Hi Deborah.”

“Marcus?” A startled Deborah responds.


“But you were with that other woman over there.”

Sitting beside her on the bench, he says, “We really had nothing in common.”