Dating Humor: New Tags

Dating Humor: New TagsA single man is in a long line at the Department Of Motor Vehicles in order to get new tags for his vehicle.

When he finally arrives at the counter, the female attendant reviews his documents.

She tells him that he is missing a document.

The man is taken aback.

But then, he remembers that he left the document in his car.

“Will I have to get back in line?” he asks.

“I am afraid that you will have to,” she replies.

Shaking his head for being so stupid, he leaves to get the missing document.

He has to wait in the long line once again when he returns.

When he finally reaches the counter, he presents his papers along with the missing document.

“Looks like everything is in order,” she says, handing him his new tags which were good for one year.

The man smiles and says, “Now, after making me have to get back in line, the least you can do is have dinner with me tonight.”

The woman gives him a winning smile and says, “Ask me again when your tags are up for renewal.”