Online Dating Humor: Waiting

Online Dating Humor: Waiting

When a single woman holding a couple of grocery items arrives at the cashier’s counter at the same time as he does, Steven allows her to go ahead in front of him.

The woman thanks him and goes ahead.

While at the register, she remembers that she forgot something.

Leaving her two items with the cashier, she apologizes to the man and rushes to grab the item she forgot.

She returns soon after with the new item only to remember that she forgot something else.

She leaves the new item with the cashier, apologizes to the man and rushes back to the aisles.

She returns soon after with the new item.

Just as the cashier is about to run the items through the register, the woman realizes that she has forgotten yet another item.

She apologizes to the waiting man and is about to return to the aisles when the man says, “While you are at it, could you grab an energy drink. I think I am going to need it.”