Dating Humor: Refreshments

Dating Humor: Refreshments

Both recently single, two history teachers are taking some fifth graders on a bus trip to a museum.

The teachers are sitting in front, side by side.

“I really enjoyed reading your last book on the origins of ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics,” the male teacher says.

“Thank you. But your editorial about the ancient bones discovered in the hills of Ethiopia was such a great read,” the female teacher says.

“You are being too kind. I watched your lecture about the Maya civilization and I must say that I was absolutely captivated,” the male teacher says.

“But you are being too kind,” the female teacher says. “When you talk about the ancient rocks of Matera in Italy to your students, I feel myself transported back to those ancient times. It’s riveting.”

There is a brief silence as they both stare into each others eyes.

Finally, the male teacher says, “We should get some refreshments for the kids so that they don’t become dehydrated during the museum tour.”

“I think we should. Those poor kids need all the fluids they can get.”

“Bus driver, drop us off here,” the male teacher says. “The museum is just around the corner. We will get some refreshments for the kids and catch up with all of you.”

The bus driver, puzzled, stops and drops the teachers off.

The kids are equally puzzled as the bus continues on to the nearby museum and the teachers wave at them from outside.

When the bus disappears, the male teacher says, “Now, let’s go get the kids some refreshments.”

The two walk toward the Grand Motel.