Dating Humor: Running Late

Dating Humor: Running LateA man is in the living room of his new girlfriend’s apartment.

He is waiting for her to come out so that they can head to a piano concert that evening.

He has been waiting a while and is getting worried.

He had reserved premium seating at the auditorium and had paid top dollar for it.

If they didn’t get to the auditorium soon, the concert would begin and they’d not be allowed in.

Finally she comes out.

She looks fabulous in a red dress.

As they head for the front door she says, “I forgot something.”

She heads back into another room in the apartment.

The man looks at his watch.

Soon after, she comes out.

They head for the door.

She says, “I forgot something else. I am sorry, I’ll be right back.”

She heads back to a room.

The man looks at his watch and runs a hand through his hair.

Soon after, she comes out.

They head for the front door.

She says, “I can’t believe it. I forgot something else. Just give me a minute.”

She goes back to a room.

When she comes out, the man is not  there.

At the foot of the front door is a $20 bill and a note that reads, “This is for a taxi. See you during intermission. Love, Ben.”