Online Dating Humor: The New Boss

Online Dating Humor: The New BossWhile using an online dating service, a man finds a woman that matches a lot of what he is looking for in a person. 

After multiple dates with this woman, the man realizes that he has met his ideal match and is overjoyed.

At work, he tells his coworkers about her and they are very happy for him.

They also discuss the news that Human Resources has just hired a new manager for their telemarketing department.

When the new manager shows up, the man is stunned when he realizes that his new boss is the same woman that he has been dating.

However, despite this development, they both agree to maintain a professional atmosphere and avoid mixing business with pleasure.

Throughout the week, she is very demanding of him.

She yells at him multiple times in front of his coworkers for arriving a minute late to work, having his tie poorly knotted, typing too slow and creating very few sales.

By the end of the week, she calls him into her office and says, “I don’t think you have what it takes to do this job. I have decided to let you go.”


“Don’t take it personally, it’s just business. I hope this doesn’t affect our Sushi date tonight.”