Dating Humor: Woman’s Best Friend

Dating Humor: Woman's Best Friend

Tired of being constantly pestered by single men whenever she goes for her daily jog, Francesca decides that she will buy a dog.

If a dog is with her, men would think twice before even getting close to her, let alone try to talk to her.

She buys a big German shepherd and is very happy with her purchase.

When she goes on her first jog with the dog, several men on the trail stay clear away from her.

One day, while she is jogging with her dog, she notices a very attractive man doing leg warm-up exercises off the trail.

She slows down in the hopes that he will notice her and perhaps say hello.

He does notice her and smiles.

The next day she is on the trail, she notices him again but he ignores her.

Over the course of the week, he continues to ignore her.

Finally, Francesca decides to leave the dog behind and jog alone in the hopes that he will talk to her.

On the trail, he notices her, smiles and even starts jogging alongside her.

While jogging, they start having a great conversation.

“How long have you been jogging to stay fit?” he asks.

“I don’t know. A while. I really enjoy it,” she responds, excited.

“Do you mind jogging with me a little faster?” he asks.


“I am afraid your nasty dog has found his way here and is right on my heels.”