Online Dating Advice – How To Create The Best Primary Photo For Your Dating Profile

Online Dating Advice – How To Create The Best Primary Photo For Your Dating ProfileYou may have just decided to start online dating.

You are not alone.

A growing number of singles are joining online dating sites to find love, romance, companionship and more.

Now it is time to put up a primary photo of yourself on your dating profile.

This is one of the most important parts of your online dating experience that can actually affect how successful you are.

You have to do it right.


Your primary dating profile photo should be a head shot of yourself.

Using a head shot that shows your face as the main focus is important.

If you use a primary photo showing you in the distance or among several people it would not only cause confusion to someone viewing your dating profile but it would be an eye sore. 

Use a head shot of your face.

Revealing some of your upper torso is fine but ensure that the focus of the photo is your face.

Good Lighting

Ensure that your photo has good lighting.

Adhering to this online dating advice will help you tremendously.

When a member arrives on your online dating profile and has to squint to see your photo because the background is dark, they are more than likely going to skip your profile.

It’s easy to fall prey to this mistake because sometimes you will take a picture of yourself indoors, think that your flash did the job and that your photo is fine.

You then upload the photo to a dating site and members who are browsing through dating profiles are unable to make it out.

No Distracting Background

It’s alright to upload photos of yourself in interesting locations, engaging in various activities like performing in a marathon or on vacation in Venice, but you should do this with your other photos.

Your primary photo should really be focused on you and nothing else.

Something distracting in the background on your primary photo can do just that to another member, be distracting.


There is nothing more engaging than a beautiful smile.

This piece of online dating advice cannot be emphasized enough.

When another member browses into your profile and sees a glum face, it can be a massive turn off no matter how appealing the rest of your dating profile is.

Now, you don’t have to do a Bugs Bunny impression, a simple smile would suffice.

Your Face In Full View

This is a big one.

Taking a head shot isn’t definitive in and of itself. There is a certain way that the head shot has to be taken.

You want your face directed at the camera in full view.

Now, what does this mean? It means that you should not be tilting your head at the camera.

If a member can see up your nose, it doesn’t leave a good first impression. Also, be cognizant of not using angle shots.

Taking a head shot from an angle will leave certain parts of your face out of view and can relay the impression that you are hiding something.

Best to take a full view shot that shows your entire face.

No Close Ups

Okay, so you get the idea that you should take a full view head shot but then you go overboard.

You don’t only take a full view head shot, you go one step further and use a close up shot.

Again, this is not a good idea for a primary photo on your dating profile.

A close up shot can be disconcerting to another member and quite frankly, if a member can see the dark circle of your irises, you have gone too far.

No close ups for a primary photo.

Taking advantage of this online dating advice will help you have a successful online dating experience.

First impressions can mean everything.

Post a great primary photo on your profile and you are well on your way to sealing a great first impression.