Online Dating Profile – Professionally Taken Photos Vs. Amateur

Online Dating – Professionally Taken Photos Vs. AmateurThe world of online dating is giving people an opportunity to meet other compatible people that they would never have met in their day to day circles.

This has presented a fantastic option for people. 

As a beginner, you may face the sometimes frustrating dilemma of just how to go about taking photos for your online dating profile.

In other words, you may be wondering if you should have them professionally done or simply take them yourself?

Professional Photos

Well, the advantage of having your photos taken professionally for your online dating profile is that, a professional photographer has all kinds of ways of making you appear even more attractive.

They can bring out the best features of your face, allow the lighting to really compliment you, even fill out the photo frame in such a way that it would be hard for most people to take their eyes off you.

They are professional photographers for a reason and this is one of their abilities.

Amateur Photos

Amateur photos that are taken with digital cameras are the best quality type of photo that you can take as an individual photographer. 

Remember to avoid taking photos with your cell phone or your web cam and uploading those into your online dating profile.

Typically, these are not of high quality.

However, if you have the ability to take photos of yourself in good lighting, particularly natural lighting, you could post some really great amateur photos of yourself on your online dating profile.

If you are unsure about how good your photos are, you can have friends in the online dating community take a look at them.

Honest Reflection

Honesty in online dating will take you far.

Use this same attitude to study photos that you have taken with your digital camera in the past.

How do they look?

Are you noticing that there are some people who aren’t fully in the frame?

Are there objects that are in focus that aren’t supposed to be?

Are there parts that are cut off from the photo that you were supposed to include?

Do you draw attention to something other than what is you were trying to focus on in the first place?

An example of this would be if you took a photo of your friend standing in front of a mountain and half of your friend’s body is cut out, while the mountain behind is in prominent view.

Honest Conclusion

By simply looking at the photographs that you already have, you can get a very good idea of the type of photographer you are.

Also look at yourself in photographs that are taken of you.

Do you like the way you look?

Were you smiling?

Was your head facing the camera at a good angle?

How are you dressed in these photographs?

Are you pleased with your posture in these photos or do you look a bit awkward?

An Informed Decision

Examining all of these will honestly help you come to an informed decision that could make all of the difference in your online dating endeavor. 

If you are confident in your ability to take photos or be photographed in a good light, then you may feel more comfortable just posting amateur photographs of yourself on your online dating profile and that’s perfectly fine.

However, if you’ve gone back to the photos that you have personally taken in the past or have been in and noticed that these photos did not compliment you or showed a lack of skill, then having a few photos professionally done for your online dating profile may be the answer.

It’s really all about putting yourself in the best position possible for online dating success.

The photos that you have on your online dating profile can be the difference between success and failure.

Reflect and make the right decision.