Online Dating – What Women Lie About The Most On Their Dating Profiles

Online Dating – What Women Lie About The Most On Their Dating Profiles

Online dating is a great way to meet other people who are searching for companions.

Most people that use them are honest in their dating profiles. However, there is a small percentage of women that do tell certain “white” lies.

Here are the top 3.


Like men, some women do shave off a few years from their actual age when filling out the web dating profile.

They do this because society tends to view youth as something beautiful and alive.

In other words, she believes that the more youthful she appears, the more alive or acceptable she is to society as a whole.

This desire translates into what she puts in as her age on her internet dating profile. 

She is not confident that her current age would provide her the best opportunity to receive attention from other members.

In order to receive that attention, she does what she thinks is in her best interests.


This is another area where she feels the need to take a few pounds off her actual weight on her online dating profile.

Again, this really goes back to what society as a whole thinks of weight.

In general, she believes that society views women with less weight to be more attractive. Again, in reality, this may not be true at all.

But these images from publications that suggest that weighing less is better and the sheer relentlessness of these images to the entire populace at large, may have gotten the better of her.

Therefore, she lies about her weight

To her, it should be no big deal. It’s just a little white lie after all.

Physical Build

Women are bombarded with stories and images of what the perfect build for a woman is.

She is convinced that this must be true because that is all she sees and hears.

The publications are relentless.

Slimmer is better. 

Tinier waist is the ideal.

Sleeker and firmer thighs should be the norm.

The list goes on.

She sees this and recognizes that she may either not have these qualities or may not have enough of them.

At that point, lying about her physical build on her dating website profile seems to be the most logical thing to do.

There is only a small percentage of women that tell these little white lies on their dating profiles in order to attract more attention.

However, the beauty of internet dating websites is that there are so many people on there that have varying tastes.

What society as a whole may sell as the ideal may not be the ideal for many of these members on the dating website.

She may actually have her priorities all wrong.

Also, by meeting her date in the flesh sooner or later, these little white lies will only lead to failure.

As a result, when using internet dating sites, the old adage is always good to remember, “Honesty is the best policy.”