Singles Online Dating – Dating Etiquette For Men 101

Singles Online Dating – Dating Etiquette For Men 101Alright, it’s date night and you are really excited.

You have been communicating with a woman that you met on an online dating site for the last few weeks and the two of you are now ready to take the next step and meet for dinner. 

You have been counting the days and now that it is here, you are pumped and ready to go.

Now, in order to improve your chances of going on a second date with this woman, a good first impression is everything.

Here are some very crucial codes of etiquette to adhere to.

Take A Shower

Women are very particular about body odor.

It’s very important that you take a shower before you meet even if you think that you don’t really need one.

Yeah, you sniff yourself and think that you smell fine.

Well, women have a very keen sense of smell and though you may not smell anything dour on your person, that doesn’t mean that she won’t.

If You Have A Head Of Hair, Comb It

As singles online dating, there are still rules that apply as far as personal grooming.

Showing up on the date looking like a mad scientist is not going to win you brownie points.

Ensure that you take the time to comb your hair before your date.

Iron Your Clothes

It is very off-putting for women when they see their date wearing a rumpled shirt and pants.

It can be a date killer.

Remember that as singles online dating, how you present yourself is still very important.

No matter how well the two of you got along while communicating online, this is the real thing.

Do not ruin your chances with her instantly by not taking the time to iron your clothes.

Use A Mouth Freshener

Nobody likes bad breath.

Before you head out on your date, pop a mouth freshener in your mouth.

True, you personally don’t believe that you have bad breath and maybe you don’t.

But why take the chance?

Remember again that women have a keen sense of smell.

Don’t make the mistake of having her wince every time you open your mouth to say something.

Cut And Clean Your Nails

Now, why is this important?

Women always look at your nails.

Just because you don’t have to wear nail polish on your fingers as a man on a daily basis doesn’t mean that your nails aren’t important to women.

Women will look at your nails!

If you still have bits of the jumbo chicken wings you had that afternoon at the local KFC stuck in your fingernails or they are as long as Count Dracula’s, you are going to leave a very bad first impression.

Wear Cologne Or At Least Some Deodorant

This hearkens back to the smell issue.

Again, women have a keen sense of smell.

Wearing cologne or using deodorant definitely helps in making you presentable and appealing.

If you choose to use cologne, use in moderation.

Your date will be just as turned off by bad odor as she will be by too much cologne.

You don’t want to make her eyes water do you?

Arrive At Least Five Minutes Early

As singles online dating, understanding the arrival time issue is very important.

Arriving at the date before she gets there will give her a very good impression of you.

It shows a degree of respect and professionalism.

Chew With Your Mouth Closed

If she can see every bit of food that you are masticating on, you are not only going to risk this being the only date you have with her but you just might make her sick.

Nobody likes getting sick.

It’s understandable that your friends and family have never told you just how annoying it is when you chew with your mouth open in front of them, but your date on the other hand is not going to be as forgiving.

Observing these codes of etiquette will really help you leave a good impression on her.

Remember that if you have a great date, you are going to want to see her again.

Do not ruin your chances by ignoring these codes.

Bigfoot can handle the forest all by himself. He doesn’t need any help.