Web Dating – 5 Signs That Say He Wants To Meet You

Web Dating – 5 Signs That Say He Wants To Meet You

You’ve joined a dating website and have started communicating with a guy.

Your topics of discussion have ranged from the most harmless to the in-depth.

However, even though it seems like the two of you are able to really converse, he hasn’t asked you out yet.

You wonder why?

You are not sure if he truly wants to meet you.

There are a few signs to tell if he does.

Answers Your Emails Promptly

If he has been continuously responding to your emails in a timely manner, then it is very likely that he wants to meet you soon.

Sometimes, people using a web dating site can fall into the trap of “communication frenzy.” 

This is when they find themselves communicating with a variety of other members at once. 

It can be hard to keep track at times and it is not unusual for them to discover that they didn’t respond to an email with someone that they had been previously communicating with.

At that point, they figure that it’s too late and too much time has passed, so they don’t bother replying.

If he is promptly responding to your messages then you are above the fold and hence, at an advantage.

It’s Been Over 2 Weeks

Again, it can be easy when web dating to fall into the trap of “communication frenzy” and unwittingly forget to communicate with another member that you had been having a good conversation with.

This typically takes place within the first 1 to 2 weeks of communicating.

If he is still around after these weeks, promptly communicating with you, then he has passed the tough threshold and is more than likely wanting to meet you at some point.

Loses Track Of Time

If you find that your conversations on the web dating site stretch on for long periods of time and he is not trying to end the conversation, then he is most definitely interested in meeting you.

Guys tend to get bored relatively quickly during a long conversation and want an out.

If he is still there communicating with you for a half hour or more on a consistent basis, he wants to meet.

Jokes At His Own Expense

You may have noticed that during your conversations on the web dating site, he continuously jokes about how bad he is at this or that. 

Joking at his own expense is a sign that he likes you and is trying to impress you.

The more humble he appears to you, the better he feels his chances are to meet you offline at some point.

This is obviously a good sign.

Doesn’t Mind Pauses Between Messages

Let’s say that he sent you a message and you haven’t gotten back to him in two or three days.

Perhaps, it was at no fault of your own. 

There were certain duties that required your immediate attention in the offline world.

You do return to the web dating site and respond to his message a few days later.

He responds the same day or day after and tells you that he missed you.

His message is upbeat and friendly, and soon the both of you are having another substantial discussion as if the gap in communication never happened.

That’s a great sign that he wants to meet.

Now, you may want him to ask you out already.

However, with some men, especially when using a medium like web dating, some time may be needed in order to get comfortable.

Don’t worry. It will surely happen.

Just relax and continue being yourself and it will naturally occur.