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Passion is a premier adult dating site that caters to those seeking casual, intimate encounters. It was founded in 1996 and is part of the FriendFinder Networks.

Since its launch, its membership has grown rapidly to 34 million members worldwide. It is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and has a 60/40 male to female ratio.


  • Quick Sign-Up – This process was very quick. I didn’t have to fill out an entire profile. I only had to answer a few demographical and self-descriptive questions and I was a member in less than 5 minutes.
  • Live Model Chat – This is a fun feature. Via video, I had some very interesting discussions with the featured models. Believe it or not. I even learned a thing or two here about love and intimacy. And yes, they will give you a live performance as well if you so choose. Fun, fun, fun.
  • Private CallPassion allows you to have free conversations on your phone with other members without having to give away your own personal phone number information. I truly saw a lot of value in Private Call because I was able to talk to other members and get to know them while keeping my own personal phone number confidential.
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  • Number of Members Online – On the home page, Passion shows you exactly how many members are online at the same time you are. What I liked about this was that it provided me with a very good sense of just how active the dating site was. The higher that number the better, because it increases the likelihood that you will find the type of encounter that you are seeking.
  • Very Targeted Search Criteria – Most dating sites will use normal search criteria such as location, relationship status, ethnicity, body type, smoker/non-smoker, drinker/non-drinker amongst others as a means to help you narrow down the characteristics and attributes that you are searching for in a partner. Passion takes this a step further.

    If you are a woman seeking a man, you will have the opportunity to select just how well endowed you want him to be. If you are a man seeking a woman, you will have the opportunity to select a bra size. Yes, it gets that specific.
  • Voice and Video Introductions – Getting to hear and watch other members on video made it a lot easier for me to tell a lot about their personality and whether we stood a chance of connecting.
  • Classier Profiles – Unlike some other adult dating sites, Passion does not bombard you with very explicit member profiles when you initially land on the home page. You will see slightly provocative, yet classy profile photos. Now, of course, if you really want to get down and dirty, you do have the option of viewing profiles that are a lot more explicit in nature. You just have to make that query in the search engine.
  • Personality Test – Call me crazy, but I never expected to come across a personality test questionnaire on an adult dating site. However, what a pleasant surprise. Do take the time to do this short test. It will help you learn a thing or two about yourself.
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  • Interpersonal FeaturesPassion is loaded with interpersonal features. There is a Magazine that allows members to gain valuable dating advice, as well as the opportunity to read and post articles.

    The Blogs allows members to create their very own regularly updated homepage on the dating site. The Interest Groups allows you as a member to participate in discussion boards as well as have the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals in an Interest Group near where you live.
  • Chat – With over 30 rooms to choose from, I didn’t have any problem finding people and topics that interested me. If you venture into the adult chat rooms, be prepared to leave your inhibitions at the door.
  • Auto-Renewal Option – Having been on several dating sites that automatically renewed my subscription at the end of each membership period, it was refreshing to see that Passion gave me the option to actually turn my auto-renewal option on or off. The advantage of this is in the amount of control it gives you. You can turn it on and off at will without having to worry about automatic renewals that you may or may not want.
  • Point System – Passion is one of the few dating sites that actually rewards you for participating. When you vote on articles, refer a friend or respond to questions, you receive points. You can eventually use these points to upgrade your membership without having to pay a premium. Sounds more than generous.


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  • Busy Interface – Passion is full of features and I did notice that it took me a while to get used to just how busy the homepage was. There is such a thing as “too much of a good thing.” They should tone it down a little.
  • Soliciting – I did receive a few messages in which the sender tried to get me to sign-up for another adult dating site. Obviously, these solicitous messages were quickly reported and those fake profiles were quickly removed. This is not unusual to experience on an adult dating site, especially one of this size. However, be mindful of this.


  • Free Membership
    • Create Profile.
    • Upload Photos.
    • Database Search Using the “Standard” Form.
    • Have Your Username on the Members Online List.
    • Email of New Matching Members (the “Cupid” service) – Up to 10 Matches.
    • Emails Viewable for 30 Days.
    • Maximum Members in Hot List is 200.
    • Technical Support By Email within 2 Days.
    • Send Emails to Members from the Website (Limited).
    • View Profiles of other Members (Limited).
    • Upload Your Voice Greeting and Send Voice Messages to other Members (Limited).
    • Create/View Personality Test Results.
    • Upload and Change Your Photo for Others to See.
    • Keep a Personal “Hot List” of Your Favorite Members.
    • Upload Your Video Greeting.
    • Use of the Chat Rooms.
    • Talk to People Instantly Using the IM System.
  • Silver Membership
    • View Other Members’ Photos (First 5 Only).
    • View Member Videos.
    • View Past Polls and Results.
    • Search by Distance and Save Search Settings.
    • Telephone Technical Support.
    • Premium Smilies in Chat.
    • Faster Profile and Photo Reviews Priority.
    • Database Search for Members by Username.
    • Database Search Using the “Standard” Form.
    • Have Your Username on the Members Online list.
    • Email of New Matching Members (the “Cupid” service)-Up to 20 matches.
    • Emails Viewable for 60 days.
    • Maximum Members in Hot List is 500.
    • Technical Support by Email within 24 Hours.

      12 Months – $8.99/month (Billed at $107.88)
      3 Months – $11.99/month (Billed at $35.97)
      1 Month – $19.99/month (Billed at $19.99)
  • Gold Membership
    • Top of Each List of Members Search Results (5x More Views).
    • Super-Search for Members Using the “Priority” Form.
    • Get ICQ, AIM, YIM & MSN ID’s of Members in Your Network.
    • View other Members’ Photos (All photos-Up to 20).
    • View Member Videos.
    • View Past Polls and Results.
    • Search by Distance and Save Search Settings.
    • Telephone Technical Support.
    • Premium Smilies in Chat.
    • Faster Profile and Photo Reviews (Priority).
    • Database Search for Members by Username.
    • Database Search using the “Standard” Form.
    • Have Your Username on the Members Online List.
    • Email of New Matching Members (the “Cupid” service) – Complete list (30+).
    • Emails Viewable for 120 days.
    • Maximum Members in Hot List is 1000.
    • Technical Support by Email within 12 Hours.
    • 3 Month Guarantee – If you don’t find someone in 3 months, you will get three months free.

      12 Months – $8.99/month (Billed at $161.82)
      3 Months – $14.99/month (Billed at $59.96)
      1 Month – $29.99/month (Billed at $29.99)


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The Passion slogan is “Sexy Personals for Passionate Singles.” This pretty much sums up the entire adult dating site. It is obviously designed for those who are interested in casual, intimate encounters.

Hence, those seeking long-term romantic relationships may want to look elsewhere. At times, I did feel like Alice in Wonderland as I began discovering this new, enormously rich world of videos, profiles, blogs, chat rooms, adult movies and so much more.

And through it all, just like Alice, I was eventually able to find my way back home. If you are searching for a casual encounter, you need not look any further. Passion is enticing, colorful and most definitely SEXY.

4.3 out of 5.0 stars

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