SeniorFriendFinder Review

SeniorFriendFinder was founded in 1996 by Andrew Conru. With over 500,000 members, it is widely regarded as the most popular senior dating site on the internet. Though there is no real age restriction, it primarily caters to those in their mid-forties and older who are searching for travel companions, friends, romance and love. It is part of a 100 million member strong online dating community of sites owned by FriendFinder Networks, some of which include BigChurch, FriendFinder and Amigos. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, it has a 60/40 male to female ratio.


  • Quick Sign-Up – It was quick and easy to sign up. I answered a few demographical questions and became a member in less than 5 minutes. You don’t have to fill out an entire profile.
  • Interactive – This is the one word that truly describes SeniorFriendFinder in a nutshell.

    • An Interactive Magazine – Members write their own articles, poems and essays. They also read up on dating advice columns and participate in polls.
    • Live Video Chat with Sound/Video Introductions – Nothing speaks more loudly than a video. With this feature, I got to watch the video introductions of several members as well as interact with them in real time on video. As a member, you will feel reassured that your person of interest is real and you will get a good sense of their personality as well.
    • Member Blogs – This was a great way for me to learn more about about other members by reading their blogs. It also gives you the opportunity to post your own thoughts and experiences. This goes a lot further than just having a dating profile. Using the blog gives other members a much stronger sense of the type of person you are. This can only bode well for you down the line as you seek a partner.
    • Friend Network – With this feature, I could keep track of new friends I had met on the dating site, as well as share photo albums and bulletins. Once you use this feature, you will soon discover that as your pool of friends begins to grow within your network, your pool of potential dates will grow as well.

  • Thorough Profile Reviews – It may have been as easy as 1-2-3 to sign up on the dating site, but don’t be fooled. SeniorFriendFinder is one of the few dating sites out there that really takes the content of your profile very seriously. First and foremost, they will not put you in search results or allow you to communicate with another member until you have completed your profile. Secondly, they will review your profile first before allowing it to go on the site live. This means that most profiles on the dating site are from serious members only and this is always good when you’re looking for a match.
  • Massive Listings – I was impressed by the sheer amount of listings they have. SeniorFriendFinder is in just about every continent in the world. The listings take you from country to country, state to state and province to province. There is a very good chance that regardless of where you live in the world, you will find listings in your area or nearby.
  • Superb 24/7 Customer Support – If you’ve read my other reviews, you will know how highly I regard this as a benefit to any dating site. I get a little irritated when I don’t see a customer support number published on a dating site. That will almost always knock that dating site down a tier or two in my ratings just for that omission. Thankfully, SeniorFriendFinder doesn’t only have support phone numbers published on their site, they provide excellent customer service as well.
  • Point System – This is another unique attribute of SeniorFriendFinder that I found set it apart from a lot of other dating sites. They actually reward you for participating. In other words, the more you contribute by replying to questions, voting in polls and referring friends, the more points you earn. These points can be used to upgrade your membership.
  • ConfirmID – This is a free third-party verification service that SeniorFriendFinder uses. All it requires is that you obtain a photocopy of a form of identification, attach it a form provided and mail it in. Upon receipt, you are put on a special list of ConfirmID members who all have a special check mark icon near their usernames. The ensuing result is that you will begin to receive a lot more serious responses than the average member. This is just another effective way in which SeniorFriendFinder tries to help you find the kind of relationship you are seeking.


  • Busy Interface – I was fed a visual diet of seemingly unending features when I first landed on the home page. It took a while for me to get a hold of my bearings and begin to navigate the dating site without feeling like I was about to drown in a cyber tsunami. For a dating site whose purpose it is to connect an older and more mature audience, the interface does need some toning down.
  • A Multitude of Technical Chat Options – There are a number of technical ways to chat on the dating site. You can chat with Flash HTML, regular HTML or Flash HTML Beta. For good measure, you can use a webcam, do a smiley face, attach a thumbnail, adjust text size, show entry messages and so on. These are all fine and are actually great features. They would probably work best on dating sites geared for the younger crowd. However, they may be a bit too much for an older crowd. A member may become slightly confused with the multitude of options. Perhaps, in this case, less is more.


  • Free Membership
    • Create Profile.
    • Upload Photos.
    • Partial Views of Other Members Photos.
    • Access to Chat Rooms and Instant Messaging.
    • Basic Search.
    • View 10 Profiles a Day.
    • Respond to a Paying Member’s Email.
    • Partial Access to the Interactive Magazine, Blogs and Interest Groups.
  • Silver Membership
    • View and Contact Members.
    • Show Up After Gold Members in searches.
    • Contact New Members.
    • Access Members’ Recorded Video Intros.
    • Partial Access to Blogs, Groups, and Magazine Features.
    • Friendly 24/7 Phone Support.
    • Faster Photo and Profile Approvals.
    • Advanced Search.

      3 Months – $11.99 (Billed at $35.97)
      1 Month – $22.99 (Billed at $22.99)
  • Gold Membership
    • View and Contact Members.
    • View and Contact Members.
    • Show Up at the Very Top in Searches.
    • Show Up After Gold Members in Searches.
    • Be the First to Contact New Members.
    • Contact New Members.
    • Get Full Access to Members’ Recorded Video Intros.
    • Access Members’ Recorded Video Intros.
    • Full Access to Blogs, Groups and Magazine Features.
    • Friendly 24/7 Phone Support.
    • Access to Extra Large Photos.
    • Access to ICQ, AIM, YIM & MSN ID’s of Members in Your Network.

      3 Months – $14.99/month (Billed at $59.96)
      1 Month – $34.99/month (Billed at $34.99)


SeniorFriendFinder offers a lot. Its wealth of features and tools make it truly eye catching. I was also surprised at just how active it was. From the moment you land on the home page it tells you exactly how many active members there are. Even if you needed further verification of this, all you have to do is go into the Chat Rooms. These are very active.

Although navigating the dating site in the beginning is somewhat of a challenge due to its plethora of features, this can be overcome by practicing a little patience. SeniorFriendFinder has got to be one of the easier dating sites to find a relationship because every member here is quite serious. They wouldn’t have gotten through the dating profile approval process if they weren’t.