Dating Sites – 3 Of The Best Dating Sites To Find Love

Dating Sites – 3 Of The Best Dating Sites To Find Love

Love is an age old phenomena.

People have fought, cried and died for it.

It is safe to say that as human beings, there is no greater emotion than that of love.

The enormous growth of some of the best dating sites through the years has given many people the opportunity to find love online.

Creating that special bond with that special someone can cause a tremendous difference, not only in someone’s life, but in their purpose.

These are 3 of the best dating sites that are specifically tailored towards helping you find love.

eharmony is one of the premier dating sites on the web.

It has a very thorough sign up process that makes sure that people are truly invested in taking the time to create a profile that gives them the best chance of finding love.

This sign up process can take up to 20 minutes or so.

This is why eharmony is known for being one of the most thorough dating sites on the web when it comes to ensuring that its members are serious about finding a compatible partner.

It is a site that is designed for people who are looking for loving long-term relationships.

The website’s design is also very well done and user-friendly.

Upon signing up, there are a number of basic questions that you will be presented with.

These are questions about your gender, occupation, income, drinking and smoking tendencies, hobbies, spiritual or religious beliefs and so on.

eharmony also asks you questions in relation to what kind of person you perceive yourself to be and what you are looking for in a romantic partner.

You can also let eharmony know how important certain attributes or qualities in a prospective partner are to you.

For example, you can let eharmony know that qualities such as career, religion, race, a desire to start a family or have kids, etc., matter more to you than other qualities.

This makes it easier for eharmony to find the perfect match for you on the site.

eharmony uses a compatibility quiz to get you to rate how particular words describe the kind of person you are.

For example, you could be asked about how the word, “stylish,” “sensual,” or “warm,” describe you.

The questions in this quiz can also become more in-depth.

Some of these more pronounced questions ask you about whether you can defend yourself when faced with adversity, whether you can put yourself in the place of someone else or whether you are able to engage in deeper conversations with people.

These quiz questions may seem somewhat unusual at first but they are there for a very good reason.

Your answers will often give eharmony a better understanding of how you think and what your psychological makeup is all about.

This kind of information is what helps eharmony be able to find the most compatible partner for you, a person who is on the same wavelength as you.

This is why eharmony is so reputable for being one of the best matchmakers on the web.

This quiz even asks you questions about how often you have felt certain emotions in the last month such as fearfulness, sadness, happiness, hopefulness and more.

Upon completing this initial quiz, your free account will be set up.

A free account allows you to receive initial matches based on how you went about answering the questions that you were being asked during the sign up process.

This is why it is really important that you take the time to answer these questions thoughtfully and honestly.

This enables you to receive the best possible matches so that you can begin your quest to find a compatible partner on eharmony as fluidly as possible.

eharmony also uses a nifty percentage scale out of 100 that shows you the level at which you match each individual match that you receive with your free account.

Obviously, the closest to 100 that you rank on the scale with a match, the better of a match they are for you.

This scale is often what sets eharmony apart from most other dating sites.

The site shows a very strong affinity to ensure that you match with only the most compatible people.

This percentage scale helps to show you just how close of a match you are with all of your matches.

eharmony works tirelessly to send you excellent matches each day.

The site does not overwhelm you with too many matches.

Their matchmaking system is so thorough that they make sure that you receive only the best matches, as opposed to inundating you with matches simply for the sake of it.

A free account allows you to view the profiles of your matches.

A free account also allows you to send prewritten questions to a person that you may be interested in.

Some of these prewritten questions can be something like, “What is your definition of a romantic time?,” among other questions that you can choose to send.

This is a good way to begin the process of communicating with people on eharmony and see if they are interested in furthering conversation.

You can add contacts and even archive your matches.

A free account also allows you to send and receive “smiles.”

These are essentially interest signals.

Receiving them lets you know that someone is interested in you and sending them lets a person know that you are interested in them.

Being that eharmony has such an active base of people who are serious about finding long-term relationships, you may find yourself at the receiving end of several “smiles” not long after you have joined the site.

For as little as $7.95 per month, a paid subscription on eharmony can bring a lot of benefits.

You can send and receive unlimited emails.

You are able to see who has viewed your profile with the added benefit of also being able to see their photos.

Your membership on eharmony can get verified through a feature called, “RelyID.”

This is a very beneficial feature.

It lets other members know that you are a trusted member of the site, thereby increasing the likelihood that you will receive more messages from members.

As a paid member, you can also take advantage of the “Secure Call” feature.

This allows you to safely talk on the phone with someone that you may be interested in without having to divulge your actual phone number.

If you want even deeper insight into your personality, you can receive a deeper personality assessment and analysis as a paid member.

This dramatically increases the chances that the site will find you a compatible match.

With eharmony’s commitment to helping its members find love, you stand a great chance of finding that special someone.


Elite Singles is a quality dating site that takes good care in ensuring that you are matched with quality individuals for love and romance.

During the sign up process, you are asked thoughtful questions about the kind of person that you are.

There is a profile setup survey that asks a multitude of questions that delve into what you are like on a daily basis and how you think.

You are asked questions about whether you see yourself as patient.

You are also asked about how clean or disheveled your home is, how positive you are and even whether you are honest.

These are just a few of a wide range of questions about your personality traits that you will encounter.

Thankfully, you are able to answer these questions on a scale.

This means that you don’t have to give a straight yes or no answer.

You can merely choose the number on the scale that best matches how you feel that you rank when it comes to the question that is being asked.

Elite Singles cares about matching you with the best possible person.

They do put in a lot of thought and work on these questions.

Hence, be prepared to spend at least 20 minutes answering these questions as you set up your profile.

These personality test questions are based on the Five Factor Model which measures the big five personality traits; openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

You are asked about the importance of certain personality traits in a mate such as risk-taking, morality and reliability.

You are also asked about how important the physical appearance of a potential mate is to you.

If your ultimate intent is to find someone who you may one day marry, you are asked about whether marriage should also be important to your match.

As you can see, Elite Singles has a thorough setup process that is designed to give you the best chance at finding love.

These questions do a lot in helping you get matched with only the most compatible people.

Once you have an account set up, you are able to actually take a look at your personality profile.

This personality profile is very distinctive and advantageous.

It uses a scale to show you what your personality is like when it comes to different aspects of life such as how conscientious or outgoing you may be.

This is a fantastic way to gain further insight into who you are as a person so as to get a better understanding about the kind of match that will best suit your personality and life.

It is free to set up your dating profile.

With a free membership on Elite Singles, you can see the number of matches that you have.

You can also read their profile information.

However, you are unable to see their photos.

You can also send flirts in the form of “smiles” and “likes.”

This enables you to initiate contact with another member that you may be interested in.

You can upload photos to your account as well.

You also receive limited partner suggestions.

A paid membership for as little as $17.95 per month comes with:

– Unlimited messaging.
– Unlimited suggestions of your profile to other members.
– The ability to see who visited your profile.
– A mobile app for quick access to your account.
– Confirmation of read messages.
– A more detailed personality profile analysis.
– Access to view all member and match photos.
– Access to the “Have you met…” feature.
– The ability to leave comments on member photos or profiles.

The “Have you met…” feature provides you with as many as 20 additional compatible matches every day.

Elite Singles has mastered the ability to match their members based on their personality traits.

This dramatically increases the chances that you will find love as one of their members.


Meet Christian Singles - Free Trial!

Christian Cafe is a site dedicated to helping you find the perfect partner for love.

It is focused on pairing Christian singles who are intent on finding long-term relationships based on their Christian beliefs.

According to the site, they have been instrumental in as many as 50,000 marriages.

A great advantage of Christian Cafe is that you can sign up for a 7 day free trial where you will have full access to almost everything that a paid member gets.

If you sign up and upload a profile photo, that free trial is extended to 10 days.

You can send instant messages, emails, join the active forums, use the search engine to search for a partner and receive frequent matches.

These are a majority of the benefits that a paying member would have access to.

Christian Cafe also collaborates with Focus on the Family.

Focus on the Family is a well-respected organization that provides helpful advice on marriage, relationships, parenting and more.

The organization constantly provides helpful dating and relationship tips on the site’s blog.

The sign up process is very simple.

However, make sure that you are ready to complete the process in its entirety.

You will not be able to move on to the next stages of the sign up process if you choose to skip certain questions.

Christian Cafe is focused on helping you ultimately find love in the right relationship partner.

Hence, the site wants you to be serious about answering the questions that you will encounter during the sign up process.

Most of the answers provided are in a drop-down multiple choice format, which tends to make the process of completing the sign up process much easier.

It starts with entering your gender, country and age.

You are prompted to create a username, provide an email address and physical location.

Now you move on to the next stage of your profile.

You are asked about your marital status, faith, ethnicity, fashion sense, involvement in church and income.

You will then be asked to describe more about your faith in a few short essay questions.

These are questions that are designed to get a better idea about what you are like as a person of faith and what your life goals are.

These short essay questions are not very complicated.

Just make sure that your answers are well-thought-out and true to who you are.

Christian Cafe makes sure that your anonymity and privacy is protected.

You will always sign in using a username as opposed to your real name so as to protect your privacy.

You can even keep the name of your city hidden from being viewed on your profile if you so choose.

The site takes it a step further in their quest to provide a safe environment for their members by aggressively filtering out any scammer profiles on a consistent basis.

You can also easily block any member that you don’t want to communicate with.

The search menu conveniently provides a variety of ways that you can communicate with other members of the site.

A feature called “Quickmatch” is one of the best ways to go about finding your most relevant matches.

It uses your personal details such as, age, location and Christian faith to find other profiles that are similar.

This makes the process of searching for matches so much easier.

Instead of browsing through profile after profile, you are able to use the “Quickmatch” feature to narrow your search to members that closely match your own personal details.

There is also a customized search feature that allows you to input the details of the kind of profile that you would like to find in your search.

These search settings can be easily saved and you can run them whenever you log into your account.

This is yet another feature that makes the process of searching for potential matches on Christian Cafe much easier.

You don’t have to keep retreading the same information whenever you are about to conduct a search on the site.

As a free trial member, you can also see who is online and message them if you want to start a conversation.

You don’t require a credit card to start your free trial.

This means that your entire free trial will be financially risk-free for you.

As a free trial member, you are not able to exchange personal information with someone over email or instant message.

As a paying member for as little as $15 per month, you are able to exchange personal information on the site and view anyone’s profile.

Also be aware that Christian Cafe does not run identity verification checks on their members.

Hence, always be smart about who and when you choose to exchange personal information on the site.

Paying members also have access to chat rooms.

These tend to be very advantageous in getting members of the site to mingle with each other in real time.

Christian Cafe offers a very generous opportunity for you to use the site at no charge to you over their free trial period.

This opportunity alone makes Christian Cafe different from most dating sites and worth taking a chance on to find love.