Online Dating Tips – How To Write A Great Profile Essay

Online Dating Tips – How To Write A Great Profile EssayWriting a good essay on your dating profile can greatly increase your chances of being noticed and receiving messages. 

It requires thought, time and effort.

Yes, that means that it can’t be done in less than a minute.

Pay attention to the following tips as they can make all the difference between success and failure.

Write Short Paragraphs

Writing short paragraphs enables your dating profile to appear clean and readable.

If a member finds your dating profile and is immediately inundated with a a thick forest of seemingly never-ending words, they are most likely going to skip it.

Choose your words wisely and keep your paragraphs short.

Briefly Describe Your Personality

On many online dating profiles, people go on and on about the type of person they are.

Yes, it is your profile, but that doesn’t mean you should go on and on about how great of a person you are. A few short sentences describing your personality is enough.

This is effective because it gives other members a brief summary of your personality without leaving the impression that you appear to be full of yourself.

Give Examples Or Short Anecdotes

Often, simply saying that you love to travel or replenish vintage cars is not enough.

Giving a brief account of where you traveled to and how that experience was or a brief account about the vehicle you recently replenished works a lot better.

This enables another member who may have the same interests an opportunity to visualize and be right there in your experience.

Be Positive

Having a general disposition of positiveness on your profile is very important.

You want members who look at your profile to feel good about what they are reading.

Being positive simply means that you avoid describing sad events or using a negative tone.

Events like mentioning the recent loss of a job or complaining about how you are so frustrated with the whole dating game weakens the appeal of your profile.

Briefly Write About Your Goals

Nobody is perfect.

When you write a few sentences describing your goals it leaves members with the impression that you are a lively person.

The idea that there is always room for improvement and that you are intent on this is very powerful.

You don’t have to write a laundry list here. Describing one or two goals is enough to whet the appetite.

Describe Your Match Within Reason

Describing your match is important but where people tend to go wrong with this is that they take it too far.

Most of the details about the physical characteristics of your match would be on your profile match preferences anyway and would not be necessary on your profile essay.

Instead, use this opportunity to describe the type of personality that you are looking for.

If you want a match that is family oriented or with a sense of humor then this is where you mention that.

This increases your profile’s attractiveness because it renders you as a person of substance.

These online dating tips on how to write a good profile essay will greatly increase your chances of success.

There is no doubt that writing a good profile essay can make all the difference.