Dating Site – How To Flirt With Women On A Dating Site

Dating Site – How To Flirt With Women On A Dating SiteJust because you are using the medium of a dating site does not mean that you cannot flirt with women.

There are several ways that you can harmlessly flirt with women on a dating site and improve your chances of success.

Using your keyboard or keypad as the means to flirt has never been easier.

Here is what you can do.

Send A Flirt

This is a great way to flirt with women on a dating site.

If the dating site that you are on offers this option, it would work heavily in your favor if you used it.

It is best to use this with a gift.

Usually, the dating site will enable you to send flirts with gifts like flowers, hearts or kisses.

Sending flirts with gifts dramatically improves your chances of success and is a definitive flirting tool.

Send A Flirty Icebreaker Message

Instead of a relatively mundane icebreaker question asking about what her favorite TV show is, send a flirty one instead.

For example, “Excuse me while I roll out the red carpet” or “Is there a law against staring? If there is, I have just broken it.”

It is better to use an icebreaker that is complimentary.

Also, exaggerating to emphasize your point is fine as well. 

It’s about putting a smile on her face and having her play along.

Initiate A Chat

This may seem elementary but you would be surprised at how many guys either choose not to initiate a chat with a woman that they are interested in or go about it the wrong way.

If you notice that she is online, then you have to try to initiate a chat.

However, if you want to flirt, then you have to do so in a way that not only allows her to notice you but also participate in the exchange.

In a situation like this, upon initiating contact with her, make sure you make her know just how appreciative of her that you are at that particular moment.

You can throw in a light joke about how her presence online has saved you from bouncing off walls in sheer boredom.

Reference Her Dating Profile And Make Her Laugh

Women most definitely want to be flirted with. However, just sending a thoughtless flirt is useless.

When you flirt with women on a dating site, it is crucial that how you flirt and what you say is relevant to what is on their profile, especially when you first initiate contact.

This can be done by picking something out of their profile and sending an email message about it.

If she likes to travel for example, you can ask her when her next trip to said location is and whether it’s okay if you come along because you travel light.

Send A Flirt With A Short And Witty Email Text Message

If you decide to send a flirt but don’t want to include a gift then you should send a short text message with it.

It is always good to be lighthearted and witty in your text.

Something that can be very useful in the flirting game is to state that you chose not to send her a gift along with your flirt because none of the gifts can do her justice.

Flirting is all about lighthearted fun and banter.

In the process, you may find that you have even more in common.

So remember to keep it simple, respectful and fun.