Dating Site – 5 Reasons Why She Did Not Reply To Your Message

Dating Site - 5 Reasons Why She Did Not Reply To Your Message You have been navigating a dating site and searching through dating profiles.

In your quest, you soon find the ideal woman.

She has an eye-catching photograph and a profile that warms your heart.

She even likes to watch Monday Night Football.

She is exactly what you have been searching for.

You write an e-mail message and send it to her.

After a few days, you have received no reply from her.

A full week goes by and you still haven’t heard from her, not even an icebreaker.

Here are 5 reasons why.

She Is Overwhelmed With E-Mail Messages

Something that you have to understand before you start throwing bricks in your face is this, women get a lot of messages on a dating site.

A woman can be bombarded with as much as a hundred messages a day.

This can be very overwhelming especially if she is a social person who doesn’t have the time to click on every single e-mail message she receives.

You Have A Boring Title

Alright, so I just mentioned that she is overwhelmed with e-mails in her inbox and that’s going to make it hard for her to open each one.

Now, she is staring at that inbox scanning through the titles of each message and blazes right passed your title.

You know what?

She didn’t even blink at your title and you know why?

It was boring and uninspiring.

It looked like all the other ones in her inbox.

Sorry, but titles like, “Hi” or “You are a very beautiful woman” is not going to cut it.

She has read that a hundred times before.

Your title has to stand out.

Your Online Dating Profile Needs Work

After receiving your message, she may not have been impressed by what she saw on your online dating profile.

Online Dating is not an exact science.

You need to ensure that you have created an attractive online dating profile.

Take a look at the types of photographs you have up.

Read your dating profile essay.

Do you seem like the type of person that you would want to meet?

If you are having a hard time answering this question, have a trusted friend or family member take a look at your profile and tell them to give you an honest answer.

If the answer is anything less than a yes, you need to rework your online dating profile.

She Is Not A Serious Member

Unfortunately, you will find these cases on a dating site.

You may have messaged a member that is barely ever online.

She may have initially joined the dating site out of mere curiosity.

Thankfully, these folks are not in the majority of singles who join a quality dating site.

If you see that she hasn’t logged into the site in three weeks, that’s an obvious indicator.

She Is Actively Dating Someone Else

Remember that she is on the dating site looking more than likely for the same thing you are, a companion.

She may have been on the dating site longer than you have and has now found or at least is dating someone she met on the dating site.

This is a strong possibility.

Hopefully for her, she has found what she was looking for.

In which case, her profile, though currently active, may not be on the dating site for much longer.

Hence, you are highly unlikely to hear back from her whether you had a boring title or a fascinating one.

Now, no matter the reason why she did not reply to your message, remember that dating sites have presented people like you the opportunity to meet a pool of potential dates that you never would have come across in real life.

Therefore, get on with your searching and find the next girl of your dreams.

You never know, she may be on the next page of profiles.