For Women: Online Dating Quiz

If you are new to online dating and online dating sites, you may feel a little anxious about the process and how it works.

This is natural.

Testing yourself with the Online Dating Quiz will help in preparing you for this exciting journey.

  1. What types of photos should I post on my internet dating profile?
  2. Headshots mostly.
    A headshot along with various shots of myself engaged in different activities.

  3. I keep receiving messages from men who do not match my preferences. Should I..
  4. Block them from contact?
    Review both my match preferences and my dating profile in general, then make necessary changes?

  5. How should I respond to an interest signal like a wink, smile, kiss or heart?
  6. Send a short e-mail message if I like his profile.
    Send a matching interest signal if I like his profile.

  7. How much should I reveal in my online dating profile essay?
  8. Write 3 to 4 long paragraphs about my family, friends, pet, last relationship and funny habits.
    Write 3 to 4 short paragraphs that briefly describe my background and emphasize my qualities.

  9. I really like him but I am anxious about giving him my telephone number. Should I..
  10. Give him my e-mail address?
    Stop being paranoid and give him my telephone number?

  11. He responded to my e-mail messages with an interest signal. Should I..
  12. Move on?
    Send him a response?

  13. His first e-mail message to me included his personal e-mail address. Should I..
  14. Send a message to his personal e-mail address?
    Send a message through the dating site?

  15. I keep receiving inappropriate messages from the same man. Should I..
  16. Report him to the dating site’s administrator?
    Block him from contact?

  17. My week long Free Trial is about to end and I didn’t find a mate. I feel like..
  18. It’s all hype. I will give up on online dating.
    It takes time to find a mate. I will stay on.

  19. I am receiving too many messages. I am finding it hard to keep up. Should I..
  20. Focus on responding to e-mail messages?
    Focus on responding to interest signals?