Internet Dating Sites – Internet Dating Sites That Cost Less And Offer More

Internet Dating Sites – Internet Dating Sites That Cost Less And Offer More

In the last ten years, internet dating has become almost synonymous with the word “dating” itself.

In other words, it has grown exponentially with no signs of slowing down.

Many people taking advantage of this medium, like anything else, will want the best value for their money at a bargain price.

Here are a few internet dating sites that cost less and offer so much more.

eharmony is one of the best dating sites on the internet.

It has a very well-thought-out sign up process that makes sure that people are truly serious about taking the time to find someone special through creating an insightful profile.

This sign up process does take some time to complete, but it shouldn’t be more than 25 minutes, as long as you answer it all the way through.

This is a major reason why eharmony is known for being one of the most serious dating sites on the internet when it comes to making sure that its members are intent on finding the right partner.

It is a site that is put together for people who are in search of serious long-term relationships.

The website’s layout is also very well put together and easy to use.

After signing up, there are a number of information gathering questions that you will come across.

These are questions about your gender, income, career, drinking and smoking behavior, pastimes, religious beliefs and a few more.

eharmony asks you questions about the kind of person you are and what you want in a significant other.

You can also let eharmony know about the qualities and attributes that you most desire in a relationship partner.

For example, you can let eharmony know that qualities in relation to religion, ethnicity, occupation, race, a desire to have children, etc., matter more to you than other qualities.

This makes it easier for eharmony to find the match that best suits you.

eharmony uses a compatibility quiz to get you to rate or rank how certain words describe who you are as a person.

For example, you could be asked a question about how the word, “warm,” “stylish,” or “sensual,” describe you.

The questions in this quiz can also become more introspective.

Some of these more introspective questions ask you about whether you would be able to defend yourself when faced with a challenge, whether you can empathize with someone else’s situation or whether you are able to engage in more profound conversations with people.

These quiz questions may seem somewhat odd in the beginning, but they are there for a necessary purpose.

Your answers will often give eharmony a better idea of the way you think and what your psychological makeup is.

This kind of information is what helps eharmony be able to find the best romantic candidate for you, a person who is on the same mode of thinking that you are on.

This is why eharmony is so well-recognized for being one of the best internet dating sites.

This quiz even asks you questions about how often you have felt particular emotions in the recent month such as sadness, hopefulness, fearfulness and more.

Once you finish this initial quiz, your free account will be up and running.

A free account allows you to receive matches based on the answers that you gave in the quiz during the sign up process.

This is why it is crucial that you take quality time to answer these questions with true sincerity and care.

This enables you to receive the most compatible matches so that you can begin your journey to find a partner on eharmony with a lot more promise.

eharmony also uses a smart percentage scale out of 100 that shows you the level at which you match with each prospective partner.

Obviously, the closest to 100 that you rank on the scale with a match, the more quality of a match they are for you.

This scale is often what separates eharmony from most other internet dating sites.

The site shows a very strong propensity to only match its members with the very best matches.

This percentage scale helps to indicate just how close of a match you are with every one of your matches.

eharmony works prudently to only send you the most relevant matches each day.

The site does not besiege you with too many matches so as not to dilute the quality of the matches.

Their matchmaking system is designed to focus on the quality of your matches first and foremost, as opposed to overwhelming you with matches just for the sake of it.

A free account allows you to view the internet dating profiles of your matches.

A free account also allows you to send prewritten questions to a member that has caught your attention.

Some of these prewritten questions can be in the vain of, “What is your definition of a romantic time?,” among several more.

This is an effective way to begin the process of communicating with people on eharmony and observe whether they are intrigued enough to continue conversation with you.

You can add contacts and even archive the matches that you receive.

A free account also allows you to send and receive flirts that are called, “smiles.”

These are signals of romantic interest.

Receiving them lets you know that someone likes you and sending them lets a person know that you like them.

Being that eharmony has such an active base of people who are intent on finding long-term relationships, you may find yourself at the receiving end of a decent number of “smiles” soon after you have become a member of the site.

For as little as $7.95 per month, a premium subscription on eharmony can bring a lot of advantages.

You can send and receive emails without restriction.

You are able to see who has viewed your internet dating profile as well as the person’s photos.

Your membership on eharmony can get authenticated through a feature called, “RelyID.”

This is a very helpful feature.

It informs other members that you are a trusted member of the site, thereby making more and more members feel comfortable in sending you messages.

As a paying member, you can also take advantage of a feature called, “Secure Call.”

This feature allows you to safely talk on the phone with a person that you like without having to reveal your real phone number.

If you care to gain a more introspective analysis of your personality, a more advanced personality assessment is also available when you become a paid member.

This advanced personality assessment further increases the likelihood that you will be matched with only the most compatible prospects.

With eharmony’s determination to provide its members an experience that offers more and costs less, you will have a good chance of finding your new love.


EliteSingles is a professional dating site that focuses on helping people find significant others in the most effective way.

During the sign up process, you are asked insightful questions about your personality.

There is a profile setup section that asks a range of questions that get into the kind of person that you are on a day to day basis and the way you tend to think.

You are asked questions about your level of patience.

You are also asked about how organized or disorganized your home is, how positive of a person you are and even whether you are an honest person.

These are just a few of the questions about your personality traits or tendencies that you will run into.

Advantageously, you are able to answer these questions via a scale system.

This makes it easier in terms of not having to give a straight yes or no answer.

You can simply choose the number on the scale that best suits where you rank in relation to the question being asked.

EliteSingles cares about matching you with only the most compatible individuals.

A lot of work and intention was put into these questions.

Hence, be ready to spend at least 20 or so minutes answering these questions while in the process of setting up your profile.

These personality test questions are derived from the Five Factor Model which measures the significant five personality traits; openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

You are asked about the importance of particular personality traits in a romantic partner such as risk-taking, reliability and morality.

You are also asked about how much physical appearance matters to you in terms of who you would like to date.

If your goal is to find someone to marry, you are asked about whether marriage should be important to your potential match as well.

As you can deduce, EliteSingles has a thorough setup process that is designed to give you the best opportunity to find the right partner for you.

These questions do a lot in helping you get matched with only the people that best suit your personality and goals.

Once you have an account created, you are able to see the results of your personality test.

This personality profile is very unique.

It uses a scale to give you insight into what your personality is like when it comes to various aspects of life such as how outgoing or conscientious you may be.

This is a great way to learn more about your personality so as to get a better understanding of the kind of match that would best compliment you.

It is completely free to set up your internet dating profile.

With a free membership on EliteSingles, you are able to receive matches.

You can also read through their internet dating profiles.

However, you are not able to see their pictures.

You can also send flirts such as “smiles” and “likes.”

These interest signals give you the opportunity to initiate contact with another member that has caught your attention.

You can upload photos to your free account.

Your profile receives a limited number of partner suggestions.

A paid membership for as little as $17.95 per month includes:

– Unlimited messaging.
– Unlimited profile suggestions to other members.
– The opportunity to see who visited your profile.
– A mobile app for fast access to your account.
– Notifications that your messages have been read.
– An advanced personality profile analysis.
– Access to view the photos of all matches and members.
– Access to the effective “Have you met…” feature.
– The freedom to write comments on member photos or profiles.

The “Have you met…” feature gives you even more compatible matches. As many as 20 more a day.

EliteSingles is renowned for its prowess in matching its members based on their personality traits.

This tremendously increases the likelihood that you will find the partner that best suits you with a site that offers more and costs less.


Meet Christian Singles - Free Trial!

Christian Cafe is a site dedicated to guiding you toward the right partner for you.

It is focused on matching Christian singles who are looking for long-lasting relationships based on their Christian beliefs.

According to the site, 50,000 members have gotten married during the course of their tenure.

A wonderful advantage of Christian Cafe is that you can sign up for a 7 day free trial and get full access to the site.

If you sign up and upload a photo to your dating profile, that free trial period is extended to 10 days.

You can send instant messages, email messages, mingle with people in the forums, use the search engine to seek out a partner without restriction and receive regular matches.

These are the kind of benefits that a paying member would enjoy and you get to have them for free.

Christian Cafe also partners with Focus on the Family.

Focus on the Family is a prestigious organization that provides meaningful advice on relationships, dating, marriage, parenting and more.

The organization regularly provides this information on the site’s blog.

The sign up process is very elementary.

However, be prepared to complete this sign up process without omission.

You will not be able to progress any further if you omit answering a question.

Christian Cafe is focused on helping you eventually find love in the best partner for you.

Hence, the site wants you to be serious about how you go about answering the questions that you are presented in the course of signing up.

The answers come in the form of multiple choice via a drop-down menu, which tends to make the process of fulfilling the sign up process much easier.

It starts with inputting your gender, age and country.

It then goes on to ask for a username, physical location and email address.

Now you progress to the next stage of your internet dating profile.

You are asked about your marital status, religious faith, ethnicity, clothing or fashion sense, engagement in church and salary.

From here, you are asked to write more about your religious faith in a few short essay questions.

These are questions that are constructed to get a better idea about what you are like as an individual of religious faith and what your life objectives are.

These short essay questions are not overly complicated.

Just ensure that your answers are insightful and honest to who you are.

Christian Cafe takes great measures to guard your anonymity and privacy.

You will always sign in using a username so that you never have to risk divulging your real name while navigating through the site.

You can even keep the name of the town or city in which you live hidden from view on your profile if that is what you want.

The site continues to promote a safe environment for their members by regularly filtering out any scammer profiles.

You can also easily block any member that you do not wish to interact with.

The search menu provides a number of ways that you can communicate with other members of the site.

A feature called “Quickmatch” is one of the most effective ways to find relevant matches.

It uses your personal details such as, age, income, physical location and Christian faith to seek out other profiles that match yours.

This makes the process of searching for relevant matches a lot more efficient.

Instead of laboriously going through profile after profile, the “Quickmatch” feature narrows your search to only those that closely match your personal details.

There is also a customized search feature that gives you the opportunity to simply enter all of the details about the kind of person that you would like to find.

The beauty of this customized search feature is that you can save it and choose to run it whenever you log into your internet dating account.

This is yet another feature that makes the process of searching for relevant matches on Christian Cafe a lot more convenient and easy.

You don’t have to keep reentering the details of the kind person that you are looking for every time you log into your account and run a search.

As a free trial member, you are also able to see who is currently online and message them.

A credit card is not necessary to start your free trial.

This means that the whole duration of your free trial will have no financial bearing on you.

As a free trial member, you do not have the ability to exchange personal information with someone of interest over email or instant message.

However, as a paying member for as little as $15 per month, you do have the ability to exchange personal information and view the profile of anyone that you choose.

Also understand that Christian Cafe does not run identity authentication checks on their members.

Thereby, always be prudent about how you go about exchanging personal information.

Paying members also have access to chat rooms that are available on the site.

These tend to be very helpful in getting members of the site to interact with each other in actual time.

Christian Cafe offers a very generous opportunity for you to use just about every feature that it has at no charge to you, over the course of a free trial period.

This opportunity alone sets Christian Cafe apart and makes them a site that offers more and costs less, if anything.