Internet Dating Advice – Top 5 Foods To Avoid Eating On A First Date

Internet Dating Advice – Top 5 Foods To Avoid Eating On A First DateMeeting someone for the first time that you have been communicating with through an internet dating service can be a very exciting and slightly unnerving sensation.

Obviously, you always want to get off on the right footing.

What you choose to eat on your first date can actually make a difference on the type of effect you have on your date. 

By eating the wrong type of food on your first date, you may ruin your chances at getting a second date.

So, what should you avoid eating on your very first date and why?

Leafy Veggies – Spinach, Lettuce, Broccoli, Asparagus

These are healthy of course and healthy is always good.

However, these have a habit of getting stuck on your teeth.

And it is unlikely that you will even know that it is stuck on your teeth because these are soft veggies.

Imagine how distracted that your date from an internet dating service will be when every time you open your mouth to speak, you have a piece of green showing in your front teeth.

Corn – Corn On The Cob

Corn on the cob is quite delicious and juicy to say the least.

However, eating this on your first date with the person that you had been communicating with through an internet dating site could present a problem.

Not only does it make unpleasant sounds when you are biting the corn off the cob but pieces of corn also tend to get stuck in between your teeth.

So, now your date has to deal with both unpleasant sounds and a piece of corn stuck in between your front teeth.

Thick Meats – Spare Ribs And BBQ Chicken

Yes, thick meats are delicious.

Most humans are meat lovers.

However, these can present a problem if you choose to eat them on your first date. 

First and foremost, the problem with these is just how messy they are.

Whether you choose to eat with your hands or use utensils, you are either going to be left with a bunch of sauce and meat on your fingers or on the sides of your lips.

You will also look a bit too savage to your date as you rip at your meat.

That can be very unattractive. 

Your date will be wondering if they are stuck in the wild somewhere with a savage beast.

Strong Smelling Veggies – Onion And Garlic

Just because you met your date through an internet dating site doesn’t mean that they don’t have a sense of smell.

When you eat a lot of onions on your date, you are putting yourself at high risk of having a very strong onion smell on your person by the end of the date.

This goes for garlic as well.

You don’t want your date to be jerking away every time you open your mouth to speak.

Also, if you had a great date and will be receiving a kiss at the end of the date, an onion or garlic smelling breath will leave a very bad impression.

That actually could be the deal breaker.

And what a bummer after having had such a good date.

Large Seafood – Crab Legs, Lobster, Shrimp In A Shell

While communicating on the internet dating site, you learned that the both of you love seafood.

Hence, you figure that eating at a seafood restaurant would be a good idea.

You may want to think twice about doing that.

The problem with choosing to eat these is with the continuous cracking, pulling, squeezing and ripping at shells that you are going to be doing throughout the date. 

This will make you look like you are fighting with your food.

Also, this can be very distracting and unattractive to your date.

Your date wants you to be focused on them, not on your battle with your food.

These are fantastic foods that can be enjoyed down the line when the two of you have gotten somewhat familiar and comfortable with each other.

But for now, try to avoid them if you are hoping to get that second date.