Internet Dating – How To Overcome The Shy Guy Mentality

Internet Dating – How To Overcome The Shy Guy Mentality

Although the internet has provided a fantastic way to meet people through internet dating, there are still moments when some people may feel slightly intimidated.

People join an internet dating site in order to meet other members that they are interested in.

Though this may be the intention, oftentimes it can be easy to fall into the “window shopping” mentality.

This is where you primarily gawk at profiles but don’t really interact.

A reason for this could be shyness.

This can be overcome by following these steps.

Change Your Mentality From Passive To Active

Make it a point to tell yourself that you are not going to finish your browsing and viewing of dating profiles today without taking action.

Again, it can be very easy to fall into the “window shopping” mentality when you join an internet dating site.

You view profile after profile, perhaps even review a few of the ones you liked and then when it’s over, you have done nothing.

In essence, that time spent was lost.

Time IS of the essence in internet dating.

If you do not make a mental point to tell yourself to take action, that person in that profile that you keep reviewing over and over could be lost to someone else who DID take action.

Understand That You Have Numerous Options

In life, you have certain people that are within your social circle of friends, family and acquaintances.

There is a familiarity in this group.

What you may have found is that there is also a limit as to the number of people that you can find to date as a direct result of your social group.

There are only so many people that your friends, family and acquaintances can introduce you to.

And now, you have decided to try internet dating.

The beauty of this is that you now have a huge pool of possible singles to pick from.

Major internet dating sites often have millions of members.

Those are a lot of options.

This is not like the limits that are presented to you within your social circle.

The sheer volume of likely singles you can meet on an internet dating site over the course of time are limitless. 

Try to bear this in mind because it will build on your confidence.

You Are Anonymous

Though you may have a written dating profile with photos, you are still relatively anonymous.

This is not like when you were in a bar with a bunch of your friends, tried your hand at approaching a woman and got rejected in front of everyone.

Or when you met Natalie through a friend, told your friend to let her know you liked her, only to hear back from your friend that she wasn’t interested in you. 

A value of internet dating sites is that for the most part, other members don’t know who you are until you start interacting consistently.

Fearing rejection in this medium is pointless because you are anonymous.

You Are Empowered

You now know that your mentality has to be changed from that of only browsing to that of taking action.

You also know that the options you now have are not like the limits presented to you in your social circle.

In essence, your options for finding singles has become limitless because of internet dating.

Also, you realize that you are relatively anonymous on an internet dating site.

You are not going to have to worry about seeing Natalie again at a social gathering with your friends and experiencing that awkward feeling.

So now, what do you do?

Send An Email

There is no getting around this.

You have to send an email.

An email is better than sending a wink or an interest signal. 

Sending a wink or interest signal can convey the message that you are THAT shy guy.

She may or may not respond to it. 

However, your chances of a response are greatly increased by sending an email.

Keep it short.

Refer to something specific in her profile.

If you noticed that she likes mountain biking and you do as well, write about your most recent mountain biking adventure.

Then inquire about where she goes to mountain bike and how often.

You never know, the two of you may do it at the same place.

This would create an instant connection.

Your email should be unique and not generic. 

Make sure you refer to something specific and relevant in her profile.

That’s it.

Overcoming the shy guy mentality in internet dating is simply about changing THAT mentality.

It can be done by following these steps.

By doing so, you will achieve success and avoid the mishap of your possible love interest slipping through your fingers.