Dating Sites – How To Identify Scammers

Dating Sites – How To Identify Scammers

If you are new to online dating, then you have put yourself in a really fantastic position to meet someone special.

However, every fruit basket has some rotten fruit now and again.

In the case of online dating, the rotten fruit would be scammers.

If you use the best online dating sites, you do not have to worry too much about encountering scammers.

However, whatever dating site you use, it is still important to be vigilant.

Here are a few traits to help you identify a scammer.

Redirected Dating Profile

You are on a dating site and click on a profile that you like.

That dating profile then sends you into another site that is instantly requesting your credit card information.

You have reached a scammer.

Even if the site that you have been redirected to only requests your credit card information in order to grant you access to this person and states that your card will not be charged, you should still avoid doing this at all costs. 

Model-Style Professional Dating Profile Photo

Often, the photos on a scammers online dating profile look very professional.

In other words, you could be staring at a VERY attractive person posing in model style.

Yes, it is great that you have found someone that is clearly VERY attractive, however, remember to use your head.

If the photo is simply too good to be true then it probably is.

This, in and of itself is not the only indicator that you have found a scammer.

Several genuine members on a dating site may have model type photos of themselves and are very attractive.

However, what separates the scammers from the genuine members is what comes next in their dating profile essay.

Profile Essay Has Several Grammatical And Spelling Errors

You will notice that their dating profile has several errors.

The language will appear broken and inconsistent in certain parts.

It’s almost as if they are writing as someone who doesn’t use that language as their first language.

It will be obvious to you as you read the profile.

The sentences do not flow, certain words are missing and simple words are misspelled.

Email Address Is Provided In First Correspondence

Some dating sites make it a point to fight against scammers and make their members fully aware of the kinds of tactics they use.

A great way to tell that you are dealing with a scammer on a dating site is in the type of email message that they send you.

The first email message that they send you will ALWAYS contain their email address.

Typically the body of their message will not refer to anything that you specifically wrote about yourself on your dating profile.

The email address is typically from a free provider like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail.

The message will ALWAYS request that you contact them at their email address.

Also the email address name is typically generic and can be sexual in nature.

This is done in order to entice you.

For example, JenniferSexy@…. or Luv2luvU@….. 

Request Money

You start corresponding with a person that you met on an online dating site and everything is going well.

The two of you seem to have a lot in common and enjoy your conversations.

A few correspondences in, when some degree of trust has been built, the person that you have been corresponding with asks you for money.

Typically, this will be done in a slick way behind the cloak of a sob story.

They may tell you that they had a sudden family medical emergency and need money fast.

They may state that they recently fell into financial problems and will be homeless in a week.

It could be anything.

This is an instant sign of a scammer.

No matter how genuine the reason may sound, they are scamming you.

No genuine member of a dating site is going to ask you for money.

Top dating sites do a fantastic job of weeding out scammers and that is to your benefit as the subscriber.

However, do be careful regardless.

Being mindful of these identifiable traits will give you the armor you need in order to have a fantastic online dating experience.