Online Dating – Best Places To Meet On A First Date

Online Dating - Best Places To Meet On A First Date

Meeting someone for a first date that you initially met on a dating site may be worrisome.

The same old concerns come to mind.

You wonder how the both of you will get along and where you should meet.

To ensure that you give the both of you a great chance at getting to know each other, it is always good to keep the first date simple.

Coffee Shop

Meeting at a coffee shop for your first date can be very effective.

It gives you a very calm environment to converse.

There aren’t any major distractions, noise or events to keep the both of you from learning more about each other.

It also allows an easy exit.

If the both of you feel that there is no chemistry, you can both politely leave without having to sit through a dinner or some kind of event.

Art Fair

Art Fairs tend to have a somewhat festive atmosphere.

If you both appreciate art, this would be a fantastic place to go on a first date.

You can enjoy works of art while conversing and getting to know each other better.

This is also the perfect opportunity to learn about each other’s tastes and possibly even learn some history about the person you are with.


Parks are tranquil and safe.

There is very little pressure when you meet your date at a park.

There are no major distractions or noise.

It is also an environment that can allow the both of you to really relax.

You can choose to talk at a bench or even take a walk.

People tend to feel at ease in parks.

They may even bring back pleasant memories of childhood.

Dance Class

Even if you have two left feet, taking a brief dance class can be a fabulous first date.

If you both enjoy a particular type of dance or music, you can take a class in it and learn some moves.

This is a great opportunity for the both of you to get physically close in a learning environment.

It helps you see if you both have chemistry.

Learning and making mistakes together on the dance floor can be very humbling and very effective as you get to know each other.