How To Meet Men

How To Meet Men

You can easily meet men at bars and nightclubs.

However, if you are not the bar and club hopping type or may want to meet a man who isn’t inebriated or presenting a facade, then you may want to try other avenues.

Sports Events

You can meet lots of single men at sporting events.

It could be any type of sport that draws a lot of male attention, e.g., a football, hockey or baseball game, a boxing or martial arts fight, a race car event.

These events tend to have men that are in a lighthearted and fun mood.

The number of men in these events far outnumber the women, so you will be at a great advantage.


Men like to volunteer too.

Perhaps not in the numbers as their counterparts of the opposite sex, but they do volunteer.

Meeting men in this way ensures that you are also meeting quality men who are actually in the process of carrying out a selfless act of charity.

Compare that to a man that you may meet at a bar whose alcohol consumption may have gotten the better of him.

When it comes to volunteering you will find the most men in charities like Habit For Humanity, Food Drives and Sporting Events with the Handicapped such as the Special Olympics.

The Gym

You will not only meet lots of men here but you will also be around men who care about their physical health.

Yes, there are always those who will take the gym workout regiment too far, but for the most part, the men here are simply trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Take the time to leave the cardio room and go to the weight room.

Find some equipment and spend some time there. The more often you go there, the more they’ll notice you.

It won’t be long before one of them will strike up a conversation with you.


Men love music just as much as women do.

It’s a good idea to attend a concert if you want to meet men.

However, pick concerts that a lot of men would go to.

Avoid boy bands or male crooner concerts.

These generally attract women and most of the males you’ll see there have been dragged there by their girlfriends or wives.


This is a haven for meeting men.

Lots of single men attend weddings in the hopes of meeting single women.

Enough said.

Try not to get into the habit of crashing weddings though.

Simply get into the habit of accepting as many wedding invitations as you can.

Public Transportation

Lots of single men use public transportation.

Whether it be by train, bus, ferry, tram, subway or plane, be assured that you will meet a lot of single men here.

Whether on their way to work, a meet-up with friends or home, they will most definitely notice you.

Observe your body language.

Being in these environments may naturally cause you to have your guard up.

This attitude is detrimental to your course if you are trying to meet men.

Hence, ensure that you smile and are open to eye-contact.

Make Lots Of Male Friends

There is a misconception out there that men aren’t able to be friends with women.

The logic behind it being that men would be more intent on sleeping with the woman than on being her friend.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you are good at conversing with men, then take the time to build relationships with them.

Clearly, you should keep it at a platonic level by simply being honest with these men from the start.

The more male friends you have, the more likely your chances of being introduced to their single male friends.

Online Dating Sites

Online dating sites are full of single men.

In fact, there are several dating sites that have male members outnumbering females by as much as 2 to 1.

Hence, online dating sites literally provide an endless stream of men to choose from and due to the favorable average ratios of men to women, a lot of these men will be vying for your attention.

Unlike other ways of meeting men, online dating sites have a filter.

In other words, through their online dating profiles, you already know a lot about the men who caught your attention.

This allows you to be selective of who you choose to interact with on the dating site.

This provides for a win-win situation.