How To Attract Men

How To Attract Men

Knowing how to attract men is a great first step in the direction of attaining male attention.

Men are not very difficult to attract and often it is the simplest of gestures that make all the difference.


A great way to attract men is to smile.

Men love it when a woman smiles because it makes her appear more approachable.

A warm and pleasant smile will not only attract men but it will also subconsciously put you in a receptive frame of mind.

This allows for a much better conversation with the opposite sex.

Enjoy “Guy” Stuff

Even if you have to fake it somewhat, a great way to attract men is to talk about stuff they love to talk about like sports, cars and current events.

When men hear you talking about these things, they will naturally be drawn to you and you will receive a lot of attention.

Hence, use whatever sources you have at your disposal whether it be your television, internet, newspaper or magazine access to help keep you abreast of these topics.

Wear Outfits That Attract

Men are a lot more visual than women and like seeing women in outfits that compliment the natural female curvaceous form.

It doesn’t have to be anything highly revealing. A simple open collar blouse that exposes your naked neck and a form fitting pair of jeans works just as well as a body-hugging dress or skirt.

Also, pay attention to the colors you wear. Scientific studies have shown that men love women who wear red.

Smell Nice

Men love women who smell fresh.

Whether you use shampoo, soap or perfume, ensure that you smell nice.

Scientific studies have shown that many men like the smell of vanilla and lavender on women.

It might be a good idea to stock up on products that have these scents.


It is so important that you laugh.

Men love seeing women who can truly laugh.

It gives them the impression that you are not uptight and that you may be a fun person to talk to.

Hence, laugh and laugh often.

Let them hear you laugh. That laughter alone will draw them in.

If you are not used to laughing on a regular basis, get some practice.

Watch some comedies and start learning how to laugh.

It will go a long way in attracting men.