Online Dating – Icebreaker Questions

Online Dating - Icebreaker Questions

Using the right icebreaker questions on an online dating site can be very effective in helping you find the right person for you.

Asking icebreaker questions can be a first step in breaking the ice between you and a prospective date.

You need to ask the right icebreaker questions in order to have the best chance at not only getting a response but also starting fluid conversations.

This is what will separate you from everyone else.

It will also make you come off as a lot more personable.

When you are personable, the person that you are trying to make conversation with will often feel a lot more relaxed and this tends to open them up to further conversation.

These are some very effective icebreaker questions:

What Is Your Favorite Season Of The Year?

This is an online dating icebreaker question that will give you some insight into the type of person this is.

By finding out their favorite season of the year, you can instantly start filling in the blanks.

If they love summers, you may start seeing this person as more of an outdoorsy type who loves activity.

You will also have the opportunity to relate to that or not.

This type of icebreaker question also opens up conversation.

They will be eager not only to tell you about their favorite season of the year but why. Hence, you begin to get a better impression of them.

What Is A Fun Day In The Life Of?

This icebreaker question allows them to really think about what they enjoy doing with their leisure time.

People can get so caught up in their daily activities that they may ignore leisure time more than they should.

This question allows them to have a fun thought in their mind because they will clearly be thinking about something that makes them feel good.

Once they start telling you what a fun day for them would be like, you can start relating to what they are saying or ask follow-up questions about something that you are curious about.

This type of dating site icebreaker question opens up a very lively conversation.

Books Or Movies?

This icebreaker question is very effective because it may have one of four answers.

They may prefer books to movies, movies to books, both equally or neither of them.

Whatever answer you get, you will have opened up a conversation because they will give you their reasons.

They may even start talking about a specific movie or book that you can then relate to or inquire more about.

It allows the both of you the opportunity to discuss likes and possibly even dislikes.

Using icebreaker questions on a dating site can be one of the best methods to open up a great conversation.

This method enables the both of you to relax and enjoy the process of getting to know each other as opposed to being stressed and worried about how to open up conversation.

Conversation will flow easier with these types of icebreaker questions and will ultimately lead to other topics of conversation.