Dating Websites – Top 10 Icebreaker Questions You Can Use To Start Conversation

Dating Websites – Top 10 Icebreaker Questions You Can Use To Start ConversationIf you decide to try online dating and find the dating profile of a member that you are interested in, it can be difficult sometimes to start a conversation.

One of the best ways to initiate conversation is to send an icebreaker question.

Some people who join dating websites underestimate the value of good icebreakers.

Using icebreakers really helps by putting you in a position to receive a response and start a conversation.

Here are some examples.

1. Where Was “Describe Scene” Photo Taken?

If you see a photo on the dating profile that interests you, ask about where that photo was taken.

This helps in creating conversation because then they can describe where it was taken and what they were doing.

2. What’s Your Dream Vacation?

Everybody loves to have a vacation.

It could be a vacation doing something that they love or being in a favorite location.

This is a great conversation starter because it puts them in a good place and encourages sharing.

3. What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

Asking this gives them a chance to really think about what they would do.

Most people dream about winning the lottery.

The response here will help you not only draw similarities with what you would do but also shows you the type of person the other member is.

4. What’s Your Favorite Season Of The Year?

This is a two part icebreaker.

It opens a response about not only the favorite season but also the favorite activity.

People tend to think of seasons as activities as well.

For example if they like to ski they may love the winters.

It opens the discussion to both seasons and activities.

5. If You Were A Celebrity For A Day, Who Would You Be?

This icebreaker question opens several channels for a response.

If they do pick a celebrity, they will often tell you why.

Their response may be humorous or serious. Either way, it will help cast some light on their personality.

6. Are You A Morning Or Night Person?

Some people prefer nights because they like the nightlife.

Some people prefer mornings because they have a lot of activities to perform.

You will learn the kinds of activities for either preference in their response and this will help you build a conversation.

7. What Is In Your Music Collection?

Everybody loves music.

This icebreaker will get them thinking about what types of music and artists they love.

Discovering what someone listens to can be very helpful in learning more about the type of person they are.

It’s a great conversation starter because they will share and often explain why.

8. What Type Of Food Can You Not Live Without?

This gets them thinking not necessarily about their favorite food but rather a guilty pleasure.

It’s a chance for them to share a little more of themselves and have fun in the process.

Thinking about a guilty pleasure is a great conversation starter.

Everyone’s got to a guilty pleasure.

9. What About Yourself Are You The Most Proud Of?

This enables some introspection and is a little bit heavier in depth.

It does make them realize that you regard them as more than just a photo on a dating profile.

This icebreaker will give you an insight on not only the type of person they are but how driven they are.

10. What Was The Last Movie You Saw?

Everybody loves movies.

This icebreaker gives them a chance to talk about what they saw last and follow up with what their opinion was on it.

If the two of you have seen it, then you will have even more to talk about.

These are the top 10 icebreakers that can put you on the way to having a nice, interactive conversation.

They are tailored not only to create conversation but also to learn more about character.