Online Dating – The Appropriate Time To Exchange Contact Information

Online Dating - The Appropriate Time To Exchange Contact Information

Knowing when to exchange contact information with someone that you have been communicating with online is important.

People often make the mistake of either asking too soon or too late.

You will know it is the right time when you have gone through the following process.

No Pressure Conversations

If your conversations with this potential date have been unforced and natural, this is a good start.

The more you talk, the more comfortable you will be.

These conversations should not feel like a job interview but rather should feel like an interesting period of honest social conversation.

The less pressure that these conversations have, the better.

The conversations shouldn’t feel like you are just going through the motions so that you can exchange contact information in the very near future.

Address Safety

Always be open to the fact that the both of you are still strangers.

It is never a bad idea to be honest with each other about general safety concerns.

The more the both of you feel like you understand the possible dangers of meeting a stranger online, the more realistic you will be.

You will approach your conversations with a strong sense of realism and that will allow the both of you to start trusting each other more.


After a good period of communication, the both of you will mutually know when it is the right time to exchange contact information.

You will both feel a level of trust and camaraderie with the other.

At that moment, your intuition will let you know its time.

As long as there is a mutual understanding, this will be the best time to exchange information for the both of you.