Online Dating – Are Girls Really That Picky?

Online Dating - Are Girls Really That Picky?

Online dating has become very popular as a means to meet someone to date.

There are men and women who use this dating resource.

In the online dating world, girls tend to receive more messages than men on average.

With all this choice and attention, it can be quite easy to start getting picky.

However, there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with being picky on an online dating site.

The entire purpose of an online dating site is interaction.

Different people use a dating site for different reasons.

Some people are there for simply mingling and nothing more, others seek friendship and others seek love.

If girls are picky on dating sites it is because they are naturally picky anyways.

Online dating site social politics is just like real life social politics.

In real life, women tend to be the ones approached by men and hence tend to be the most picky between the genders.

Online dating sites are simply a reflection of our everyday society, the only difference being the medium.

Hence, it is not surprising that girls indeed are picky on dating sites.

These girls are the same girls you would meet at any live social event.

They are approached by men in these venues and get to be picky.

Why would it be any different on a dating site?