Online Dating – 6 Tactics That Keep Her Interested

Online Dating – 6 Tactics That Keep Her InterestedGetting her to respond to your first email has gotten you over the first hurdle. However, this is only the beginning.

The only way you are going to eventually meet this woman offline is if you maintain her interest online.

There is a good chance that she is also being messaged by tons of other men on the dating site.

These are plenty enough to distract her and make her start ignoring your messages if you do not maintain her interest. 

There are 6 tactics that can help you keep her interested.

Do Most Of The Asking

In order to maintain her interest as you communicate with her on the dating site, it’s important to ask her questions about herself.

You want to do the majority of the asking and reveal a little less about yourself.

By doing this, she will be more than happy to tell you about herself but she will also start being curious about learning more about you.

Be Funny

Women love men with a sense of humor.

It is so important to include humor in your messages to her on the dating site.

This could be through funny references or telling her a funny story of a life experience.

If you can consistently make her laugh in your messages to her, she will want to maintain contact.

It is true that laughing has an emotional effect on people. It makes people feel good.

People want to be around other people that make them feel good. For this reason she will want to keep you around.

Keep Her Grounded

One of the biggest mistakes that men make when they send messages to women on online dating sites is shower them with endless compliments.

When a correspondence begins, they make it all too obvious that they are infatuated with her and that she can say no wrong.

A lot of women are used to flattery.

You will simply sound like the herd of other men that do this.

Keeping your compliments to an absolute minimum or using none at all will make you seem different from the rest.

She will wonder why you don’t grace her with compliments like the other men do. As a result, she will not see you as a push-over and will have more respect for you.

You need to keep her grounded so that she can remain interested in you and continue responding to your messages.

Avoid Being So Accessible

She may become too complacent if you are always so accessible to her messages on the dating site.

By all means, you need to respond to her messages, but you don’t always have to be so prompt and eager.

You need to be less accessible.

People tend to miss those who are not so easily accessible.

By not being so accessible, you will be at the forefront of her mind. 

She will begin to wonder why you haven’t gotten back to her yet and if she is going to hear back from you.

Now, you shouldn’t go overboard with this.

Remember that these are still the preliminary stages of your correspondence with her on the internet dating site.

By waiting for too many days before responding to her message, you may have taken it too far and lost her entirely.

Portray An Active Lifestyle

When you do correspond to her on the dating site, give her the impression that you have an active lifestyle.

She needs to feel that there are other things that you are doing in your life besides waiting for her to send you a response.

When you do this, it will make her feel like she wants to become a higher priority in your life.

She will also feel like there is a true depth to your life and personality. She will want to be a part of it. 

Be Slightly Aloof

Ensure that your messages to her on the dating website do not go overboard.

Many men make the mistake of writing very wordy and overzealous message responses.

These can be a bit too much as she may not want to sit through a chunky message.

When she realizes that every time she sends you a response, she will more than likely receive a chunky message back from you, she may decide to ignore you all together.

You want to keep your replies to her on the dating website relatively short. 

This is important not only because your messages to her will be easier to read but also because by doing so, she will feel the need to start pushing the conversation.

Soon, she will want to know more about you.

In time, she will naturally want to see longer messages from you because she will be curious to learn more about you.

By this point, her interest level is very high.

Once the initial challenge of getting her to respond to your first message is over, you absolutely have to keep her interest.

It is so easy for women to lose interest in a particular man when they have such a high volume of messages in their inbox from other men on the dating site.

Therefore, do everything in your power to ensure that you keep her interested.

That will eventually help you land that first offline date with her.