Online Dating – Paid Or Free Sites?

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Dating Sites – Paid Vs. FreeOnline dating sites that are paid have their advantages and disadvantages. Online dating sites that are free also have their advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, it’s about the kind of experience and relationship you are looking for.

If you are looking for a casual relationship and know that you are not going to invest too much time into online dating, a free dating site may be for you. People on free dating sites tend to be a little less defined about the kind of relationship they are looking for. They also tend to be relatively casual users of the free dating site and may not log in too often.

The disadvantage of using a free dating site even when you are looking for a casual relationship is having to deal with people who may be on the free dating site simply for attention and nothing more. In other words, you could be dealing with a lot of teases who have no true intention of meeting or hooking up with you outside of the free dating site. When there is a lack of monetary investment, it’s a lot easier to be deceitful.

Paid dating sites give you an opportunity to meet people who are more serious. Even if you are looking for a casual relationship, there are categories that allow you to pick that option. Like any shrewd investor, when you put your money into something, you hope for a return on your investment. It would be a waste of not only their time but of their money if members on a paid dating site simply joined and stuck around just for the attention. As a result, whether you are looking for something serious or casual, you would fare better with a paid dating site.

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